10 Feb 2012


Things at work has been really hectic around this week as I had lots of experiment to conduct manually. Sheesh! What happened to those costly hi-tech testing machines?...

They went bananas.

9 Feb 2012

Still a fun hobby

This week I made 3 more paper crafts.
1. King Pig from the popular Angry Birds game

2. Spongebob Squarepants

3. Cut the Rope (another popular iOS App) with the cute little monster; On Nom being inside.

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3 Feb 2012

He's ready...

I.T. expert in training. My son is already curious enough checking out the laptop.

He certainly will have an excellent teacher when it comes to technologies. Tee hee hee!

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31 Jan 2012

Paper crafting continues...

I'm adding 2 more characters to my new hobby of paper crafting; Domo & Danbo :)

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24 Jan 2012


Both me & my baby son is not feeling well at the moment. But thank god my baby is gradually feeling better; just having bits of cough & runny nose now.

And as for me, I'm down with a flu which must have been caused by the crazy weather and of course taking way too much of that local exotic fruit: the Durian.

It's an evil fruit but it is also one of my favs :)

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