28 Apr 2010

::Oh, not again::

Just another toxic week at work, again!
As one of my friends said Walang pinagbago :)
(means nothing changed).

I am sooo like this every time I got home from work.
Feeling drop dead exhausted.

23 Apr 2010

::My random curiosity no.4::

Found this box yesterday at the office. 
My question is; Why they used penguin as the standard symbol for Freeze or Do Not Freeze label?
Hmmm...*thinking hard*

18 Apr 2010


History of Bluetooth:
A long time ago in a country far, far away, (which was mostly Denmark, with a little bit of Norway added in for flavor,) there lived a Viking king. He was known as Harald Bluetooth, son of Gorm the Old, and he united most of Denmark before his estranged son, Sven Forkbeard, sent him to Valhalla and took over the family business.
A little more than 1000 years later, succumbing to an attack of Scandinavian pride, the giant Swedish telecom manufacturer Ericsson decided to honor old, weird Harald by naming its new wireless networking standard after him. It convinced founding Special Interest Group co-partners Nokia, Toshiba, IBM and Intel that Bluetooth was the right name for the thing and, together, they set off to conquer the air.  
source: gsmfavorites.com

When Dino there got useless arms, I got myself this useless bluetooth...
Apparently, I've got weird ear lobes, it's difficult to cling that thing on it. Sheesh! So much for a techie pengwee...

14 Apr 2010


Today I'm the most wanted pengwee at work...Phew! That's all I can say unfortunately and office hour is not over yet at the moment. Sigh!

7 Apr 2010

::I'll remember you::

You're nothing like I've ever seen, even though I haven't really checked out the behavior of others of your kind, you somehow amazed me. You really made me confused and at the same time, I found you to be amusing. I'm sorry to hear that you're gone now.

Remembering you, my betta fish: Ms. Bumpy Pepper, R.I.P.

5 Apr 2010

::Me and the mouse::

Noo! Not Jerry Mouse. It's me and the optical mouse. I really have a great issue with it. (Peek here)

Yesterday, I bought myself another new mouse, this is the 3rd mouse so far for this year.
For the first time I'm going to admit something here in my blog...

I'm the notorious optical mouse serial killer!

::How to train your dragon::

Funny. Cute. Sweet. Touching. Great!
Yup, go ahead watch it 

2 Apr 2010

::Clash of the titans::

What can I say...
Just like Percy Jackson but this movie is more alive and kicking! Featuring the Greek gods again - Zeus, Hades, Medusa...I'll give this movie 9 out of 10. :) A must see movie!

1 Apr 2010


The sort of meeting I'm looking forward to attend...

And my colleague was right, he said meeting is just a 1001 ways to say the same thing :)