29 Mar 2010

::Missing You::

I missed driving my blue bug. It's been almost 7 months now I haven't been driving it due to some engine problems that somehow I'm still finding the right parts to replace it. It's kinda hard to search for the replacement with a reasonable price here in my country, searching for it is like finding the right partner for my fish, Quad. Hehe. I fear I might end up having my bug to be put for display in the state museum one day. Tsk, tsk, tsk! 

Ok wait...on second thought, I should be proud if it was to be placed in the museum.. 

24 Mar 2010

::Arrgh!! (again)::

I'm really stress at the moment with my works (both designing and lab works). I don't have much time to get plenty of rest - that sucks. I even have to continue working until late night when I'm home - totally sucks. I'm losing my weights - that's cool! But I'm eating a  lot too at the same time - that's....(oh! nevermind!)

I just wish I could have these kind of magic options in my lappy because my bosses are sticking to me like a glue!

22 Mar 2010


What it says up there: 
I am 17 and still have not had my first "period". My sister had hers when she was 14. Takes longer since I'm a boy?

Poor Sam...
Tsk, tsk, tsk!

18 Mar 2010


I haven't been blogging that much lately due to piles and piles of work commitment. It's about time I need this kit but hmm...I'm still thinking if I really wanna try this or not...

sPaRTaN0-_-0 Pictures, Images and Photos

Ambulance: "I'm on standby Didz... Anytime now!"

15 Mar 2010

::Just wondering::

Funny Pictures

I guess Zebra wonders the same thing too!

source: dailyhaha.com

12 Mar 2010

::Pls name my fish::

It's been like a month now that I'm left confused with the behavior of my new females betta fish that I actually have forgotten to name them. So I need help from you fellow to come up with as many unique names for the lovely female betta couple. Hehe :)

7 Mar 2010

::Ooops!!!....Oh my!::

This happened weeks ago. I finally found partner for Quad (my betta fish). Yay! I followed my aunt's advice, I bought two female bettas. I was so excited knowing that Quad will soon not be alone anymore.

So I was there checking them out when they had their first meet. Quad was pretty excited, he swam around, started to flare his fins and charms. I thought everything will be fine soon so I let them mingled and get to know each other...

Few hours later I noticed something unusual...those two female bettas, well they were facing each other real close, and I swear they're like kissing! Hmm, I don't really think that's a fish giving another fish a CPR. Hehe...and while Quad stayed at the bottom as usual. Omg! Sometimes these two will stay and overlaps each other, still leaving Quad as an outcast. But most of the times...Yup! They're so smooching one another!

So, there are only 2 things I wanna conclude now.

#1.I accidentally bought a couple of not so straight female betta.
#2. I think Quad is not straight either! Hehe.

I'm now having a bowl of betta fish 'community'. It's ok, I'm totally open to it. :)...

1 Mar 2010

::My honest 10s::

Ah! Got another tag from Robbie - 10 Honest things about myself. Ok, I'm having some problems listing it down because:

1/ I'm not really good in describing myself. I prefer visual (or demonstration perhaps) but in this case - not gonna happen. :P
2/ I have a very sweet tooth :)
3/ I've problems in deciding what perfumes to wear for work every morning.
4/ I've a craze on flip flops, slippers and sandals so I have quite a collection for them.
5/ I can't hear someone clearer if they're at my right side.
6/ I listen to Irish instrumentals and any piano-based songs always calm me down...(from being super hyper!)
7/ I've one weird nail plate on one of my fingers. It's half brown, half white and so far no specialist can tell me what's wrong.
8/ I'm a shorty, just 4' 9". (I wear a green hat and you get to see me at the end of the rainbow, guarding a pot of gold) :)
9/ I rarely have hot drinks, it's always cold drinks instead.
10/ I'm really confident that I'm a very nice angelic person. Haha! :P

p/s: Anyone feel free to continue this tag ;) I've done my part.