25 Feb 2010

::Still searching::

I imagined my betta fish; Quad is on the move :)

source: ahajokes.com

::The blurs 2::

This will be the sequel of my last year post: The blurs.
I'm still on leave and so is my fiance. Last night we went dining out after a movie, had Thai cuisine again. Different restaurant this time.

We were ordering different set of menus and as usual he likes to offer his food but I refused. So while we're eating...

Him: "You know, I watched the tv and there's this one dating culture in Africa that if the guy is giving a girl some of his foods from his plate, that means he likes her."

He said that while placing some of the foods to my plate. I stopped eating and looked at him.

Me: ".....Don't you think that's kinda late...?"
Him: " ...........???"
Me: ".....we're engaged!"
Him: "Oh!.....I knew that...."
Me: " :)....???"

Yup, there you go again. Another 'romantic' dinner. I definitely met my soul mate. Hehe...

22 Feb 2010


Yay! I'm officially on leave for a week! I'm so needing a time out from work. So I'll be having lots and lots of MIA's but as for tonight I decided to just take some rest, be lazy (I hope it works) and do some movies marathon...

Ok, actually I've seen this movie just yesterday with my BFF. As usual, I'm not gonna do the review but all I can say is the movie was great! Thanks to Disney's Hercules Play Station game (never get bored playing the game over and over again), I was familiar with the Greek gods and characters in this movie. :) So that made things easy for me otherwise I'd stay blur throughout the movie. Haha.

Ah! I was supposed to watch this movie with my fiance last time but too bad this movie was banned in the country due to some sensitive issues. But as I am a non-certified whiz kid, I managed to get this movie...warghahaa! *evil laughs*. So I'm gonna watch this movie later w/o my fiance. Hehe!

This comes next after I watch Legion. My BFF said it's a very hilarious movie. Well now, I can't resist any Disney's movies!

This will be like my bedtime stories for tonight. Scooby Doo always make me laugh but there's always one dog that captures my heart.
Disney's Goofy! :D
What a lucky dog! Err...I guess!

Oh btw, it's our country 26th National Day tomorrow so it's a holiday for everybody here.

Goodnight everybody ;)

20 Feb 2010

::Craving's over!::

Ah! Mission accomplished!
After what I've posted yesterday...Believe you me, this is what I had for lunch today! Hehehe...
Yup, ice cream crave is over, I should start thinking what to crave next. Haha!

19 Feb 2010


Craving for something like this............
On second thought, this chocolate ice cream is so beautiful I'm not sure I wanna eat it. :O

::Minime Canon::

My canon versus my friend's canon limited edition pen drive.
Hmmp! That's one cool pen drive.
Oh. I'm so jealous.

15 Feb 2010

::In PSP-ing mode::

I'm a soon bride-to-be that's addicted to the PSP.

My neurons to the brain:
"Captain, we have a confirmation. She's turning into a Bridezilla again."

14 Feb 2010


Today I woke up with a smile. Not because it's V-day, but we're in 2 days of holiday. It's Chinese New Year today too and I'd like to convey a happy CNY to my BFF and her family ;). Have a great celebration m8!

Anyway, I grab this chance to award the people that always make my blog happening, and (turned my life so upside down!) Haha! Jokes! Honestly, you peeps rocks! Million thanks for always being supportive. So here goes my awards *Drum rolls*:

To: those mentioned in above award and Hayden, Antoinette, Muli, Reviewer11, JoeyDC, Karen.

Goes to EVERYONE! - My blog followers, those blog-walkers, those in bloggers, those in blog catalog, those in blog explosion, those in blogged.
Because everyone deserved to be the best! ;)

13 Feb 2010

::My poor Quad::

Just a brief story of my fish I named Quad. He's a Siamese fighting fish or better known as the Betta Splendens.

FYI, he's weird, unlike other Betta fish. He's not that hyper (unlike his owner - *ahem*). I wonder why he always stay at the bottom and don't swim around. So last month I've upgraded a much bigger tank for him. I thought somehow that's gonna boost his system and be happy. I've imagined he's swimming around singing the Disney's Little Mermaid - Under the sea!

Nothing changed! It's been few weeks now I noticed he's building bubble nests on the surface of the water. Ok, a decent explanation; that means he's in the mood to mate. My way of saying, simple; he's horny! (Excuse my language ;) ). So I was trying to find him a partner but so far I failed to find a female Betta. Believe it or not, it's really hard to find a female Betta species here in my country. I'm still searching as we speak. I feel sorry for him.

Well, tomorrow is V-day. So I was wondering if anyone/fish wants to take Quad as a date??? Haha! No, it can't be me - I'm already taken! Here's some of his profile just in case somebody/fish out there wanna check him out. Hehe.

Name: C.2, Quad.
Color: Blue (with stunning red fins).
Eyes: Black.
Lip: So sexy like Jay Z.
Hobby: To play dead.
Favorite actor: Nemo.
Favorite actress: Ariel of Little Mermaid.
Favorite show: Deadliest catch on Discovery Channel.
Favorite sport: Scuba diving.
When I grow up, I want to be: Spongebob.
What I'm like: A good listener (seriously, I don't talk).
I'm BFF to: The sub-woofer speaker (I'm living next to it. So, yeah, I'm deaf - that's what makes me a good listener).
Dream job: A successful Sushi Chef.
Would love to meet: Someone who can accept me just the way I am. :)



10 Feb 2010

::I'm looking for...:

Do you know where I can buy this???

5 Feb 2010

::Human vs spell checker::

I got nothing personal to blog for the time being. I'm crazy and busy designing for our work/department annual report. (Will blog about it when I'm finally through, which is in...June. Hehe)

Anyway, I found this quite fun...or otherwise it is just me sounded so nerdy! Hehe. Oh well, sharing is good! :)

Eye halve a spelling checker
It came with my pea sea
It plainly marks four my revue
Miss steaks eye kin knot sea.
Eye strike a key and type a word
And weight four it two say
Weather eye am wrong oar write
It shows me strait a weigh.
As soon as a mist ache is maid
It nose bee fore two long
And eye can put the error rite
It’s rare lea ever wrong.
Eye Have run this poem threw it
I am shore your pleased two no
Its letter perfect awl the weigh
My checker tolled me sew.

p/s: See if you can understand what actually it is saying. Hehe.
another p/s: Who's clever now, huh?

source: thehumoursource.com

1 Feb 2010

::Silly questions?::

I was browsing the net yesterday to find something but I ended up finding this, which I personally thought it's not silly but some brilliant (and funny) list of questions that people can came up with. Here's some:

1. Can you daydream at night?
2. Do you yawn in your sleep?
3. Do you wake up or open your eyes first?
4. What color would a Smurf turn if you choked it?
5. Why isn't 11 pronounced 'onety-one?'
6. If quiz are quizzical, what are test?
7. If you sneezed on a computer, would it get a virus?
8. Do fish ever gets thirsty?
9. What is another word for 'thesaurus'?

I scratch my head thinking about the logical answers. Hehe.

::25 random things::

Apparently I'm the another victim for this 'blog-tagging':

"25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about ME. At the end, choose up to 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you"

And this will be my response to Beanizer tag:

1. I'm the most playful and cheerful person at work.
2. I wear my watch on my right hand side and I'm not a lefty.
3. I prefer gadgets than jeweleries (this is a good news for my fiance)
4. Someday, I wanted to see people drop their jaws when they see me having a ride on a truck/any heavy transports for work. The bigger the better!
5. I'm a very imaginative person and full of creativity.
6. I love to eat! (Who doesn't)
7. I like seven!
8. I'm a child that's trapped in a woman's body.
9. I talk to my fish.
10. I'm allergic to overly romantic person/guys.
11. I always take 30 mins of nap whenever I got home from work.
12. When will this thing be over???
13. I wanna cause a major traffic jam in the country over something stupid and make for the tomorrow headlines.
14. I love visiting museums.
15. I'm lousy with numbers and I don't like math.
16. I still watch Sesame Street.
17. I believed I've a kidney of a monkey (Monkey's kidney process 5 times faster than human) because I pee a lot in a day!
18. No! I'm not a monkey. Just the kidney part.
19. I have no time but I'm buying times.
20. I still can't believe I'm getting married this year.
21. I'm obviously working in the wrong department. I should work in the IT deparment.
22. Ah! Almost there.
23. Honestly, I have no idea who's the next 25 people to tag. I only got few.
24. I'm gonna kill the person who dragged me into this. Haha!
25. Ok, I need a pee break now.

Now, here's my chance to victimize others! As I said, I only have few people in mind for this. :)

1. My BFF
2. Ayu
3. Muli
4. Reviewer11
5. Rml
6. Hayden
7. Jamie
8. Leona
9. Tech
10. JoeyDC