30 May 2010

::Unleashing the evil side...::

I've been doing some self-attitude check lately. I guess I'm behaving just fine that I really have no problems with almost everyone. I believe everyone has their good and evil sides. Somehow I can't help but wonder what if:
I stop being nice...I stop being generous...I stop being concern and couldn't care less about others...I stop being a hyper jolly person. Hmm...


Simply because of...

Glitter Words
which, btw is geminian greatest strength :)

26 May 2010


While at work: I'm really trying to stay awake now...

22 May 2010

18 May 2010


I'm so tired and sleepy.
My day isn't over yet.
So far I made it through lunch.
Yay!! *in a low & bored tone*

11 May 2010


This was drawn especially for me by a 4 yrs old daughter of my colleague. So that's how she sees me as - me posing while dancing to a Banghra song. Lol!

9 May 2010

::Weekend giggles::

Woah! I didn't know charts can be this funny until now. :)
Happy Weekend everyone!

source: graphjam.com

6 May 2010


Can't help it and somehow this reduces my stress level...
This is just one of the personal favorites from moronail.net

3 May 2010


Behold!!! I'm gonna post something different this time - the snippets of my crazy week chronicles (last week) direct from the lens of my Nokia E71. It's the reason why I was having lots of MIA for not blogging.

I hate Mondays. (Doesn't everyone?)...
Mondays are always contagious. (You'll see what I mean later).
I was running here and there like a crazy hen loosing some precious eggs dealing with my paper works that needs to be done immediately.
PM: I had to sit down with the Editorial Team (I'm the main designer for our department Annual Report book this year) that left me with more amendments to do. Sigh!

I was to cover a colleague to do testing on herbal medicines.
No, I'm not a witch. Hehe. It was just part of the work. Reading through the procedures is very hard thing for a blurry pengwee.
Afternoon: More paper works to be done, I needed more energies hence the chocolate :)

To the lab: I was tempted to turn myself into Dr. Jekyll, even better as the Incredible Hulk or Shrek (at least!)
Afternoon: Admiring the GCMS machine...Hmm, actually I'd prefer R2D2 from Star Wars to run the samples for me.

I felt some cracks on my brain - had to do confirmatory testing on my +ve samples. Argh! Had lunch out with my fiance and rushed back to work for another Editorial and designer meeting. So the discussion went on and on and on..then rushed back home to get ready for my monthly family gathering. By the time I got home, I was at very "low batt" status already.

Went out to the cinema to watch Iron Man 2 with my fiance. Not feeling so well, got throbbing headache from the moment I stepped into the cinema and it continued until when I got home from dinner after that.

Another not so official meeting with the annual report chairperson (which is my boss) discussing about printing issues. Later, had rushing hours to check out my testing results. When it's already lunch time, I just stared at those results trying so hard to make it burn into ashes!
PM: "I needed more chocolates!" - It was another annual report board meeting. I got back home pretty late for this meet. Sigh!

Had to get up at dawn for a family day trip to Miri (Some parts of Malaysia). It was fun, the outing, the shopping, the foods...Hehe. Got back home at 1.30 am last night.
I only got 3 hours of sleep when I got home and what do you know - It's Monday again today! Oooohhh! What a restless week for lil pengwee!

And what happened today???
...See above (Monday...)
P/S: Told you, Mondays are contagious.
Still Walang Pinagbago.

Goodnight everyone!