22 Dec 2011


To all my friends celebrating the Christmas,
wishing all of you having a great Christmas! :)

18 Dec 2011


7 random 'That awkward moment...'

#1. That awkward moment when someone fatter than you gives you dieting advice.
#2. That awkward moment when the bathroom is silent except for the sound of your pee and you hope the person washing their hands isn't listening.
#3. That awkward moment when a GPS tells a gay to go straight.
#4. That awkward moment when you're reading someone's shirt and it looks like you're staring at their boobs.
#5. That awkward moment when a little kid stares at you like you have done something wrong.
#6. That awkward moment when you spell a word so wrong even Auto-correct cannot figure out what you meant.
#7. That awkward moment when your dentist keeps asking you questions while their hands are in your mouth.

...Been there, done that for #2!
Woot, woot!

source: statusbook.net

17 Dec 2011

Westlife: Uptown Girl

I'm never bored listening to this old song :)

16 Dec 2011

Gasp! :O

Sometimes self expression can be shocking. LOL!
Have a good Friday!

source: englishfailblog.com

14 Dec 2011

One for all and all for one! ; The cow, the pig and the chick

Meet Steezy, Moochew and Haden. Another great puzzle game for everybody, also can be downloaded from the Android Market. But I don't know why they called it Piggy Adventure. I mean there's the cow and the chick. Hmm....
Anyway, have fun!

Not so Wordless Wednesday

13 Dec 2011

Two months and a week old

That wonderful moment when I saw his first true smile when he sees me around (although in this pic he's not really smiling as he has started watching the tv already!)

12 Dec 2011

Fly that plane

I recalled playing with paper boats and planes when I was young. Things changed...thanks to technology playing paper planes are now pretty fun.
Androiders (android device users) can find this free app in the android market. Give it a try, it's addictive!
Happy Monday!

10 Dec 2011

Getting crafty

The Angry birds enthusiasm saga:

While hubby is having a non fatal OCD of achieving 3 stars in each level of the Angry birds game series, I myself is trying to enhance my crafty skills on those birds (and few green pigs!)...

Such as making Angry Birds out of clay...

Although it does not look so neat I at least got them into shapes. Did this clay job (with the help of a colleague from work) while I was still in my first trimester pregnancy.
Now my son is 2 months old as we speak, I am moving on to paper crafting...

This is what I got so far; the black Angry Bird.

Next project to do: Making sock puppets of Angry Birds! *Squawk!*
Happy Weekend to all!