30 Sep 2009

::Another new gadget::

Ok, here's the thing: Apart from being a serious journals or diaries or notebooks collector, I'm also a chronic pen drives collector.

Today, I added another new pen drive to my personal collection. It's kinda the same as in that pic but with different color. Hehe. Don't call me weird but call me 'gadgetic'. :)

I just love the whole idea of a pen drive and I must admit that those pen drive makers are so creative! They tend to create more and more mini/tiny pen drives. I lost counts how many pen drives there are in my collection. (I'm lousy with numbers anyway!)

I'm always looking for the most unique and tiny pen drive there is in the market. I don't mind what capacity they have. If I like it, then I'll buy it! Simple as that. Somewhat 3 months ago I've found the tiniest pen drive ever here in my country. I bought it but I meant it as a gift to my bff. With the capacity of only 1 GB, the price was kinda costy however. Hehe but I don't really mind at all. I know it's in a very good hand and good owner now... ;)

My quest and my passion for more unique and mini pen drives will not end here. I'll be looking forward to hunt them down anywhere I can! Soon I'll also be collecting HDD's. I only got one HDD so far. Me and my gadgets --- Oh well! :) Oh btw, I also bought another new mouse today. Yup, my mouse no.9 this year! Haha.

::A Perfect Getaway::

I watched this movie last night. It was a suspense + thriller movie. It was okay...

Just doing a quick synopsis here..
It's a story of newly wed couple on honeymoon in Hawaii..they found out there was a murder going on at the same place they do the hiking adventure, just to be safe they tagged along with another hikers (couples). But that honeymoon turned to be nightmare...

It's a full of unexpected story, I wouldn't say a must see movie but it's worth to watch especially those beautiful nature of Hawaii. It was so breathtaking! And I believed it's not that of CGI. That one particular guy in this movie, looked sexy! Heheh! (That guy in the white shirt in above pic).

But seriously, I wouldn't want to go hiking for my honeymoon! It's just scary!!! Told my fiance can we just go have fun honeymooning in Disneyland. Hehe...

29 Sep 2009

::Mouse please!::

I've lost count how many mouse I've had over the years!
Not the real mouse, sure they can be cute and darling as Ratatouille but Eww...! Hehe. (I can accept hamsters though!) ;)
I'm talking about the gadget - the PC mouse...

Couple of days ago I found my mouse wasn't working. Sigh! Am I jinxed with mouse or maybe am I just an aggressive user? Haha!
That was the 8th mouse I accidentally ruined this year! The 8th one was a gift from my BFF. So I can't fixed it so am just gonna keep it back in its box and officially make that as one of my sentimental values stuff.

I'm with my lappy everyday to do stuff with and seriously I'm not good using the Touchpad. My finger always slipped! Haha! I'm more comfortable using the mouse especially when I do some editings and extreme browsing! Hehe. Ok, don't ask me what does that mean. Maybe this time, I need to buy 2 mouse for a back up. I still have those damaged mouse in my drawer...and have no idea what to do with them. I don't want to throw it away, I'll make something else out of it...I know I can but can't figure out now. I'll have to stare at it and work my mind what to create. Stare til it burns! Hehe!

This is the Swarovski Crystal PC Optical Mouse. Pretty cool huh?

28 Sep 2009

::BMW X6::

I liiiiiikkke!

Nope, this is not my car. I wish I own this car.
I saw this BMW series an hour ago while I was out for lunch. Wow! I'm not sure if this series is of a latest BMW model or the case that I don't really go out that much that I only got to see it for the first time today. Hehe!

I love BMW cars and my classic favorite one is the 3 series model. If anyone got this baby, can I borrow for a test drive? Please? Hehe...

27 Sep 2009

::My weekend episodes ::

I officially will call it a weekend...a very tiring weekend to be more precise...

I was wide awake til 4 am last night, I wasn't sure why I can't sleep! I guess it must be my own mentality that it's gonna be Sunday tomorrow that I always fixed times to get up late from bed. Getting up at 7 or 8am on Sunday is considered late in my dictionary. I can't train my eyes to sleep early during the weekend and despite I was having a "family mingling session til pretty late night" earlier that evening, I should have been sleeping like a baby last night.

Finally gotten to bed at 4am and was awaken at 7am today was not really a good start for a long family road trip. Ah, one more thing. I'm so lousy with road trips. Hehe. Why? Let's just say that I have a hyperactive urinary bladder. I think I've broken my records this year on road trips - I only had to stop twice to 2 different rest rooms for the 'break'. Hehe. The road trip turned out to be just fine. That's all I'm gonna say.

I reached home some time in the afternoon and I mingled again with few of my cousins at my place. I tried so hard to fight my tiredness and when they finally got back home, one of my friends texted me says she wanted to come and visit me...It was ok, I was enjoying her company. And so blah, blah, blah..it was already night time but still no rest for me. I had to do few personal things and few minutes ago I already planned to go to bed but...We're experiencing the black out again! As in now, at this very moment! Arrghh!!
(and that somebody in the neighborhood who got pissed and have plenty of money to be wasted put another fireworks show few minutes ago.) But it is still dark!

I have no idea how I would wrap up this tiring weekend of mine now....It's not over yet!

26 Sep 2009

::Where to run?!::

I was out with my fiance today after lunch to look for a new table lamp for my room. We happened to discover a nice shop for all lamps. You name it, they got it!...Well kind of! Haha. Not much that I know and not that I really care anyway. Hehe...

While the sales attendant was packing my table lamp, I looked around the shop and one thing caught my attention. I saw the fire emergency exit and I was surprised to see it is blocked with some heavy stuff! Wtf?! Heavy stuff as in bundles and boxes of god knows what is inside, a really big ceramic fountain lamp heading towards it. Btw, the shop is a two levels building.

Now that made my imagination to run wild again...What if there's suddenly a fire in the shop? How could you save your customers better yet yourself? I'd be happy to know if when I look at the sales attendant wearing a parachute-ready vest every time, so he could just jump out of the window to save his butt. But he's not!

What were they thinking?!
-- "Hey look! There's a fire! Ok, I'm ready to burn. Take care now, bye!" --

Personally I think safety measures should always be practiced in every shops and it should be taken seriously. It's a shame to know some shop owners could just care less about it, all they can think of is how to make grand profits. I doubt if the owner will finally listen to my advice unless if I lodge a complain to the rightful authorities...

::Drop dead tired::

It's the expression that my bff always use but let me just add something to that. I'm having a drop dead tired weekend.

I started going back to work today, it was ok. Nothing much really, just catching up with some juicy news...Ok, more like some juicy gossips! Hehe. But what made me feeling tired is the getting up real early in the morning. I had to get up as early as 5 am, trying so hard to avoid the traffic jam that I thought I would have to face.

It's still school holiday here and I guess everybody is still in their Eid holiday mood, I was pretty comfortable driving myself to work this morning. I took my own sweet times enjoying the clear road and the morning scenary along the way! It only happens during school holidays I must say.

Today I got 3 invitations of open house. Open house during the Eid is normal and somewhat a tradition here. I'm not so good how to explain it really. You as the owner of your own home, you'll invite family, friends, relatives, whoever you like to your home and feed them for free. It's something like a good deed to do during the festive month. Three of my aunts do their open houses concurrently today. It is a must for a close family member to attend it and it would be rude for not coming without telling your reasons.

I'm really exhausted, I had my lunch at my aunt house, and later my dinner at 2 of my aunts house who's just neighbors to each other. Hehe. At one point I was at this house, next thing you know I was next door! Hehe. Well, my weekend will not end here, tomorrow I still have to go visit some relatives that we only meet like once in a year and it's gonna be a long journey. Phew!!!

It's really a no surprise case. I get this every year, everytime during our festive month. It's a good thing I always have fun all the times despite the tiredness and feeling exhausted. God bless!

25 Sep 2009

::Back to work::

Phew!!! Ok, this gonna be a very brief entry
(Let's see)...

I'm done with my leave and tomorrow I'm back to work!
I just wanna have what I called as "soft warm up" for Monday. The problem with me is trying to go to bed early and have to wake up REAL early! I'm supposed to be in bed by now, hehe but somehow I'm still wide awake!

I really had a long day today, will try to blog about it tomorrow. I'm not sure what's new and has been going on at work. I'm having this "shoulda-woulda-coulda" thoughts on it. Hehe. Scary!

If I have less work to do, I'll blog about it and if things are hectic I'll blog it anyway! Haha! As for now, beddy byes! Good night :)

24 Sep 2009

::And....they're back!::

My favorite tv series are back! The three CSIs! But today I only got to watch the latest season of CSI: MIAMI and CSI:NY, that's good enough already! I will lurk for CSI Las Vegas later. Hehe...considered it is already available at...

I was so excited waiting for these series because I'm really a big fan of CSI. The last season for all left me with the suspense, well just like every csi fans out there. I'm pretty much like the first episode of Csi: Miami. There's a new team member and he's such a stud too! Looking forward for the next episodes. Am not gonna do the spoilers here because I dont wanna ruin my bff's weekend! Heheheh! But I'm happy now I've something worth to wait and watch for :)

::In total darkness::

We had a black out at our housing area and it went dark for almost 4 hours!

I'm just curious...what exactly people would probably do during a very long black out? If you have numbers of family member, perhaps sitting outside while enjoying the gentle wind and just talk to each other would be a good idea...or simply go out to somewhere.
For someone like me that have a very small family member, it's kinda hard. I'm not sure if the word 'hard' is the best word to explain it. It's like I'm living alone.

I was pretty enjoying myself, can't be bothered that much because I thought the black out is gonna be for a while. I was watching a movie on my laptop, an hour later the battery was out. So I switched on putting my ipod, listened to some songs and again watched my favorite movies, then again the battery ran out. Great! So I played around with my camera, too, I ended up having a flat battery. Greaaaattt! Everything is dead!

Note to self: Always standby and recharge every gadget batteries! Hehe...

So I was left with nothing to do! I tried to access online through my hand phone, Oh well! Now the network is dead! Sheesh! What a night! I lied on my bed, just acting stupid. Hehe. Then I heard somebody from the neighborhood putting on a firework show. I went to see it from my window with my brother. It was wonderful and it went for 3 minutes. The total darkness really made the fireworks so outstanding, shining so bright in the dark skies.
My brother said whoever puts that fireworks must be damn pissed that we still haven't got any electricity by now, while I thought whoever puts up the fireworks show must have plenty of money to be wasted! Hehe.

But I think my brother was right, soon after that we have our electricity back! Yay! Really thankful for it. This wasn't my worst black out experience. Few months back, we had a 3 days in a row of no electricity! There was a major problem with the main electricity station. I felt like living in a stone age but in the 20th century! Hehe. Imagine that!

23 Sep 2009

::Time off::

I'm officially on leave now! Yay!
I'm switching OFF my mind, body and soul from work. I guess it's about time I have some time off...

I don't have any specific plans on what to do. I just wanted to spend my times being home, still trying to get up pretty late from bed, and simply do nothing! Hehe. But that's seems to be impossible cuz apparently I'm not that type. I'm so hyper that I need to be occupied all the time. As a start, I got off as early as 6am. See, it's truly impossible!

As for this morning, I fill my time doing the laundry. My clothes were piling up! I could have mistaken it for Mount Everest! Haha! (Seriously, I'll be dumb enough to believe so! -- Just a figure of speech). Then there are my thoughts of trying out with some new beef recipes, to watch new released movies which currently I'm downloading it for free. Shush! I don't feel like going out anyway, I don't know where else to go to look for the fun here. Yup, shopping can be fun...but there's nothing that I really need right now. I just did some small shopping last night. Hehe. So I guess everything else is good enough. I'll think of something on what to do for the rest of my week off.

21 Sep 2009


Since now is the festive month here in my country, and despite the annoying pop and boom sounds, I really enjoyed watching the fireworks. The black skies are so full with glamorous, shiny, colorful fireworks every night now. I think the celebration this year is much more grand compared to last year, where the country decided to ban fireworks. Now I'm not really sure what happened to that law but I still enjoy it anyway.

Last night I went to one of my close auntie's house. Btw, it's the tradition during this festive month we pay visit and gather around on the eve of the celebration to our direct families (Grandparents, uncles, aunties, cousins). My uncle were about to set up the fireworks, so I was standing quite close wanted to capture that moment with my cam. Suddenly things went wrong...

Instead of jumping out to reach the skies, the firework base kinda slipped and stumbled and that made the rest of the fireworks to shoot out in every directions, to us! It was like a war zone or something like being attack by UFO! Haha! Honestly I was scared to death! The rest of my families, who were watching the fireworks ran inside the house. I didn't make it because the fireworks were bouncing at the walls near me. Luckily there was a big pole where I can hide myself. Few minutes later I'm glad it was over, Phew!!! I'm grateful nobody gets hurt. Now when I think about it, that was just funny but sure hell was scary! Hehe...

19 Sep 2009

::Celebration prep::

Ok, I admit sometimes I'm kinda pissed to those things or the bits and pieces that I didn't expect to happen but I still have to face it, but hey, that's totally part of life anyway.

Just a day more to go, soon we gonna celebrate the Aidil Fitri. So I can't take out my beetle for the outing, I haven't fixed it yet. Thank goodness I have the mini! (Shushh!) Hehehe, so this raya I guess I'm driving this baby unless my bff wants to drive me instead. Haha! Yup, we'll keep it at a low profile mode this year raya huh m8? Hehe..

I'm not gonna expect much for the raya this year. I don't know why. I'm not excited nor that I'm bored. I'll just go with the flow, be neutral on it, come what may. I just wanted to be with my 4 important individuals in my list to celebrate it plus my new camera. Haha!

M8, this is the closest mini I could find that kinda match the color of my mini. Hahaha Shuuushhhh!! Hey, I like this one better so be it! It's gonna stay here in the post. :D

My other preparation...nothing much really. Everything has been organized as it is in the house. Just preparing some small things and I guess that's about it. It's quiet as usual and I should not complain much because deep inside I'm still thankful that we are still here today, still able to breath every time we got up each morning, and think of those who aren't as lucky as me, without having real family around and some other things in their lives....Hmm... Suddenly I'm being emotional...
Ok...I'm outta here!

::Aidil Fitri wishes::

To all my family, cousins, Muslim friends both in the real world and the blogging world, and again a general wish to my bff, hehe wishing you guys have a wonderful festive celebration this year - The Hari Raya / Aidil Fitri / Eidul Fitr / Eid Mubarak.

May all of us always in the God's blessing. :)

::A special entry for my BFF::

Glitter Words

Nope, it's not her wedding day. I wish and I know it is gonna be someday. Hehe. I dedicate this post especially for her so I'm expecting the comments to be all from her! Hehe. Well m8...this is my 1st time braya dgn blog ani, and thanks for giving the thought to me to start to have my own and if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't go this far and keeerazzy blogging! Haha! Thanks!

Ok..here we go again..the typical wishes and greeting for the raya. Selamat Bla Bla Bla..hehe. I want to do it in different version m8 eh. Hmm let see...


Hehe ok seriously kalau bab raya ani m8 payah usulnya kan try another version to meminta maaf zahir batin di halalkan makan minumku, ada yg terharsh, ter-rude, ter-not too sweet kata2ku, aku hoping dpt tah kiranya u maafkan. Haha. Yup, it's a wonderful 11 years m8 and I'm glad we never missed out our raya together-gether. I'm kinda scared what next year will bring..Hmm...I'll figure out how, no worries. Hehe cuz you really know just how I am even though when you said it's ok. :) kan m8?! Hehe

Ok..I think I just say up to that level, don't wanna go too personal in here with this. We'll just have the hug later ok. Haha! Again wishing you selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin m8, and we'll have a blast with my new cam and your new novels! Hahaha! Let me Mwahh u back! Heheh!

17 Sep 2009


My latest gadget has arrived!

It's the DSLR Canon EOS 500D Camera, stuffed with 15.1 MP and a standard lens of 18 - 55mm...

I picked it up today and am I the happiest person? You bet! I'm not really good in photography, I just started to take interest somewhat few months ago, and got some bad influenced by some of my colleagues to have my own. Hehe. My friends at work started to have a look at it and started pouring me in with some valuable tips and stuff, which I'm still kinda blurred now. It will take me some times to play around and explore this gadget. Thank goodness I have the habit to read manuals. Whatever gadget it is, I'll always look for the manual first.

I'm not trying to be one of those pro photographers like my colleagues. I just wanted to have this and simply cam-whoring whatever I feel is nice to shoot. Hehe. Well, raya this year gonna be sweet with this baby. I can't wait to have my bff to play around with this because she likes it too. Right m8?

My gadgets wish list has been completed...*wide grin*
There's nothing else that I wanted...(so far). Hehe.

16 Sep 2009


I guess I'm experiencing the mess mixture all at one time today. The mess mixture of being tired, sad, blank, blur, happy and god knows what else.

I normally don't blog about me feeling sad. It's just so happened I remember something personal from the past and somehow it's bothering me. I believe this thing happen once in a while but... (and hoping I'll get over it soon)....I'm only human. :)

At one point, that thing I remembered saddened me but soon I was happy for something else. Then I remembered it again, felt sad...again... then something else came up which made me felt happy...again. It's like over and over and over again. Sigh! I'm not saying that I'm totally feeling down, it's just bothering me somehow. That's all I'm gonna say for today. I know who to find in case of me being something like this but I guess it can wait .
(Just put your ears in standby mode m8) hehe.

14 Sep 2009

::FTO Log #18::

This entry is the respond to my bff's craving for Avocado Milk Shake

I, didz ilikeseven, apart from that is also being the FTO (Food Taster Officer) that do trials and errors of any kind of foods and judge it according to my taste bud.

According to my bff's statement and her craving for this type of drinks...
Ok, I quote:
"It's super duper yummy...once you taste the thick fat avocado milk shake sure you want more...hahaha!"

So that made me to put it into a test. Today I bought all the necessary simple ingredients: the avocado and the milk. This was only my first try after all. When I tasted it, yup sure there is the taste of that thick fat, not just that but it is thick creamy fat to me. Hehe. But forgive me m8, I don't think I like it. Actually I mixed the peeled avocado with milk and sugar without adding some water into it. Hehe, ok maybe it was not a real success.

Few minutes ago I googled and compared for the prefect ingredients, wondering what is the X factor that made it super duper yummy. I think I got the answer to that and I will try to make it again next time. :) As for what I've prepared today, well I guess I've failed. Haha!

Besides I'm a lactose intolerance. Right after that, it gave me a really upset stomach. But that's ok, I'm willing to risk it again next time just to be sure it is really supercalifragilisticexpialidelicious! Hehe

::The bug that bugged me Part 2::

When I thought things will be just normal again with my bug - well I was all wrong today.

Few days ago I got the worn out brake pad issue with my bug and eventually had fixed it. I'm not sure why it seems to be like a disease. After this part is cured, then another part started to feel sick. Now this time, the major fan of the engine won't run and that made my bug overheated.

Not again!
On working days?!

I was at work when it happened. But thanks to all the QC heroes that's willing to help and figured out what seemed to be the problem again with my car. I was advice not to switch on the air conditioner while driving home, afraid that will easily caused the engine to be overheated again. I was afraid if I can't make it home and my god! the weather was so hot and sunny and the traffic jam was slow! I'm thankful I managed to reach home safely, I've warded my bug again to my uncle's.

I don't know, maybe it's a good thing too for some reasons. Hehe. I get to choose which cars to drive to work tomorrow. There are 3 available cars, let see - the Mini Cooper, the Cefiro or the Mercedez...Ok, I'm gonna stick with my low profile esteem, I've decided to use the chepeast car of those three. Hehe, the Mini Cooper.

To my BFF, If you're reading this: Well the Mini Cooper is one of your favorites too and as you know it's more convenient and easy to drive it, well why not..kan? :P Hehe

13 Sep 2009

::Weekend is over::

Nothing much to say really. Last night I couldn't sleep, I stayed up until 3 am, watched a movie on dvd hoping it will put me into sleep instead that movie made me cry. Tonight, I'm having this major headache. I got it since the evening. Despite the ache, I managed to have fun dining out with my BFF. After a good rest later and as for tomorrow, I hope I'll be my normal-self again. But wait...

::Fighting Fish::

Do fighting fish sleep? Is this a silly question?

This is my not-so-hyper fighting fish. Well it looks like its dead! Haha! This is the only pet/animal that is being kept inside the house. I encountered some geckos or lizards roaming around too. I would have called it as pets too if I take care of it, would I? Eww! Have no idea how to get rid of them period.

First of all - the name! Call me weird and I don't know I guess I'm just so "gadgetic" (Is there such word? Hehe) and hi-tech type, I named him after the processor - Core 2 Quad. Hehe. He's my second fighting fish. My first one (Sony Vaio - it was so colorful just like the Sony Vaio lappy) hehe died earlier this year and it was my bad I accidentally added too much chlorine into his tank!

Now I got Core 2 Quad with me, I don't know but there IS something about this fish, unlike the previous one. Most of the times, I'll see him just laying on the bottom without moving. It stays like that for about 5 minutes and even longer, which always make me think he's dead! When I'm typing this up now, yup I can see he's still laying down! Haha! Weird!

So I'm just curious - In case of my Core 2 Quad, yes, I think he does sleep! But of course fish doesn't have eyelids so they can't close their eyes to tell that they're asleep. I think its that particular behavior best tells that they're in the resting state of sleeping. But it sure does give this one confused human wondering if it's dead or sleeping. Haha!

I'm not really a fish enthusiast and don't have many experiences in petting one but I like to have fighting fish around as it is easy to manage and I don't need to put some oxygen pumps or whatever filters for it plus it makes my room complete! Hehe. If anyone out there is a fish enthusiast or fish lover, do pour me in with the details. I'm just way too overloaded with so many infos that I'm not sure which is the correct one. Help me out here!

12 Sep 2009

::Weekend eat-outs::

There are 4 important individuals in my life that I feel so responsible to divide and spend my quality times with: my fiance, my family, my BFF and my friends. Once in a while I just happened to mix all at one time on few occasions. Hehe.

I tried to balance things for everyone each month that way neither the two sides (me and them) feeling terrible especially the first 3 individuals in my list. Tries so hard to be fair and all and I do admit sometimes I miss to realize if I wasn't being fair enough but I tend to make up to them as possible as I could.

Anyways, this month is no exception. The normal things that I do and spend with them depends on that particular individuals. With having not much entertainments here in the country, thus spending the times out are limited to either just watching movies in the cinema, or shopping, or the most routine one is dining out. So, yesterday I was dining out with my fiance then did little shopping, today I'll be dining out with my whole big family later in the evening. My whole big family means to say including my aunts, uncles and cousins on my mom's side, which I really enjoyed being together with. Not so many people would agree with me, I know. Some thought the whole idea of a big family gathering is annoying but for me I like it especially when there's always those happy moments being around them and somehow it's a blessing that we live in harmony. I'm just a family person, that best explains me. Hehe. Tomorrow I'll be dining out with my BFF. Yay! So it's a three days in a row of dining out weekend for me this month.

Hmm...the drawback - Def...def....definitely I'll gain weight! Haha!

10 Sep 2009

::The bug that bugged me::

No, am not talking about people. Am blogging about this bug that bugged me. Hehe...

Ano Ba yan?!
Hai nako!

I went out for while from work with one of my colleagues to RIPASH today. I noticed something wasn't right with my bug when I hit the brake. Oh! Not again! Why? Why?... At this time?... This month?... Soon it's gonna be our festive month and my bug just started to create problem. It's the brake pad this time, worn out already. I barely noticed it these few days, It's about time that it gave me the sign that it needed to be replaced with new ones. But not on working days, Urrgh!

Hmm...apparently am not a happy owner and worst I only knew that much when it comes to car maintenance and stuff. I tried to drive as slow as I could and phew! managed to get home safely. So I've 'warded' my car to my uncle's cuz after all this time my bug is one of his patients. Hehe.

So now I don't know what's the status. I hope it isn't that critical and yes, the bills!
Cars - you adore it when it serves you nicely and of course they expect for us to do the same thing on them, pamper them just like you go to a beauty saloon for a regular facial. Hehe. Ok, apparently, I'm not a good owner either. Hehe.