24 Sep 2009

::In total darkness::

We had a black out at our housing area and it went dark for almost 4 hours!

I'm just curious...what exactly people would probably do during a very long black out? If you have numbers of family member, perhaps sitting outside while enjoying the gentle wind and just talk to each other would be a good idea...or simply go out to somewhere.
For someone like me that have a very small family member, it's kinda hard. I'm not sure if the word 'hard' is the best word to explain it. It's like I'm living alone.

I was pretty enjoying myself, can't be bothered that much because I thought the black out is gonna be for a while. I was watching a movie on my laptop, an hour later the battery was out. So I switched on putting my ipod, listened to some songs and again watched my favorite movies, then again the battery ran out. Great! So I played around with my camera, too, I ended up having a flat battery. Greaaaattt! Everything is dead!

Note to self: Always standby and recharge every gadget batteries! Hehe...

So I was left with nothing to do! I tried to access online through my hand phone, Oh well! Now the network is dead! Sheesh! What a night! I lied on my bed, just acting stupid. Hehe. Then I heard somebody from the neighborhood putting on a firework show. I went to see it from my window with my brother. It was wonderful and it went for 3 minutes. The total darkness really made the fireworks so outstanding, shining so bright in the dark skies.
My brother said whoever puts that fireworks must be damn pissed that we still haven't got any electricity by now, while I thought whoever puts up the fireworks show must have plenty of money to be wasted! Hehe.

But I think my brother was right, soon after that we have our electricity back! Yay! Really thankful for it. This wasn't my worst black out experience. Few months back, we had a 3 days in a row of no electricity! There was a major problem with the main electricity station. I felt like living in a stone age but in the 20th century! Hehe. Imagine that!

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