14 Sep 2009

::The bug that bugged me Part 2::

When I thought things will be just normal again with my bug - well I was all wrong today.

Few days ago I got the worn out brake pad issue with my bug and eventually had fixed it. I'm not sure why it seems to be like a disease. After this part is cured, then another part started to feel sick. Now this time, the major fan of the engine won't run and that made my bug overheated.

Not again!
On working days?!

I was at work when it happened. But thanks to all the QC heroes that's willing to help and figured out what seemed to be the problem again with my car. I was advice not to switch on the air conditioner while driving home, afraid that will easily caused the engine to be overheated again. I was afraid if I can't make it home and my god! the weather was so hot and sunny and the traffic jam was slow! I'm thankful I managed to reach home safely, I've warded my bug again to my uncle's.

I don't know, maybe it's a good thing too for some reasons. Hehe. I get to choose which cars to drive to work tomorrow. There are 3 available cars, let see - the Mini Cooper, the Cefiro or the Mercedez...Ok, I'm gonna stick with my low profile esteem, I've decided to use the chepeast car of those three. Hehe, the Mini Cooper.

To my BFF, If you're reading this: Well the Mini Cooper is one of your favorites too and as you know it's more convenient and easy to drive it, well why not..kan? :P Hehe


iantie said...

haha! u know if i given any choice, i would definitly drive the mini..so easy to overtake other cars! haha! n easy to squeeze in a tiny parking spot..hehe

Didz said...

haha! iatah kan?! cani sja, if ur car nda baik, and u dun have any, u can drive my mini :) hehe seriously!