26 Sep 2009

::Drop dead tired::

It's the expression that my bff always use but let me just add something to that. I'm having a drop dead tired weekend.

I started going back to work today, it was ok. Nothing much really, just catching up with some juicy news...Ok, more like some juicy gossips! Hehe. But what made me feeling tired is the getting up real early in the morning. I had to get up as early as 5 am, trying so hard to avoid the traffic jam that I thought I would have to face.

It's still school holiday here and I guess everybody is still in their Eid holiday mood, I was pretty comfortable driving myself to work this morning. I took my own sweet times enjoying the clear road and the morning scenary along the way! It only happens during school holidays I must say.

Today I got 3 invitations of open house. Open house during the Eid is normal and somewhat a tradition here. I'm not so good how to explain it really. You as the owner of your own home, you'll invite family, friends, relatives, whoever you like to your home and feed them for free. It's something like a good deed to do during the festive month. Three of my aunts do their open houses concurrently today. It is a must for a close family member to attend it and it would be rude for not coming without telling your reasons.

I'm really exhausted, I had my lunch at my aunt house, and later my dinner at 2 of my aunts house who's just neighbors to each other. Hehe. At one point I was at this house, next thing you know I was next door! Hehe. Well, my weekend will not end here, tomorrow I still have to go visit some relatives that we only meet like once in a year and it's gonna be a long journey. Phew!!!

It's really a no surprise case. I get this every year, everytime during our festive month. It's a good thing I always have fun all the times despite the tiredness and feeling exhausted. God bless!

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