17 Sep 2009


My latest gadget has arrived!

It's the DSLR Canon EOS 500D Camera, stuffed with 15.1 MP and a standard lens of 18 - 55mm...

I picked it up today and am I the happiest person? You bet! I'm not really good in photography, I just started to take interest somewhat few months ago, and got some bad influenced by some of my colleagues to have my own. Hehe. My friends at work started to have a look at it and started pouring me in with some valuable tips and stuff, which I'm still kinda blurred now. It will take me some times to play around and explore this gadget. Thank goodness I have the habit to read manuals. Whatever gadget it is, I'll always look for the manual first.

I'm not trying to be one of those pro photographers like my colleagues. I just wanted to have this and simply cam-whoring whatever I feel is nice to shoot. Hehe. Well, raya this year gonna be sweet with this baby. I can't wait to have my bff to play around with this because she likes it too. Right m8?

My gadgets wish list has been completed...*wide grin*
There's nothing else that I wanted...(so far). Hehe.


iantie said...

woish m8!
CANTIK! hehe! bah, raya nie, i didn't bring my camera, u saja ah! but whatever pix u take, i want the copy...hehe!

how bt the 'other' gadjet?? *wink*wink* njoying wit that 1 too?? hehe..

have fun wit the new gadjets m8!

Didz said...

Hahaha! Hi m8!!!! i know!!! yup, now am enjoying that u wink-winked on me too! haha! i'll bring it trw to work and show it 2u ok. oh btw, alum plang ku upload banyak2 but u can cek rah my otha blog, alum perfect banar m8, ada lakat biut2nya site atu.hehe alumku me link jua disini ani. it's www.dd-lookame.blogspot.com

hehe, np tu m8, iatah tujuan raya ni dgn camera baru, dpt ku ngambar2 u and u can play around with it hoping u join me membali jua nanti.hehe i'll c u trw by 2pm k.

iantie said...

hehe...aku membali? hmmm...alum kali m8 eh. M trying to save up tyme ani...hahaha! not for the reason everyone thinks...saja...hehe

bah, c u 2mr m8!

Didz said...

I know!!! u must be saving up utk kawinku!! hahaha kan??? :P

Anonymous said...

Omg I love this camera!!!