30 Dec 2010

Welcoming 2011!

So I won't be around (again) for the new year. This blogging wife is still struggling to manage her times between blogging & family, which at the moment is also tied up having various kind of gatherings and celebrations all around.

Anyway, she has something to look forward in 2011...

Trying to make little Didzians!

Have a great new year celebration to all!

25 Dec 2010

Simple songs...

with repetitive lyric. Such as:

The one from Kill Bill movie. The 5,6,7,8s band with the song: Woo Hoo

Recently just found out this one from Potret with the song: I just wanna say I love you

And of course, The Smurfs theme song!

(which I really can't get it out of my head)


Have a great weekend everyone!

23 Dec 2010

Happy Holiday!

To all my friends celebrating the Christmas:
Wishing you to have great and wonderful times!

...Oh! and take care ;)

20 Dec 2010

Creative ties

Tetris tie

Eye test tie

Crossword tie

Elements tie

Keyboard tie

source: amazon.com

18 Dec 2010

Crash course: Folding clothes

I admit I'm not good in folding clothes, I'd prefer to hang them all but the Japanese has an easy way for it:

They're so good in Origami they can also came up with this :)

P.S: I tried and I tried and I tried...

Time management

I really have serious issue with time management.

13 Dec 2010

......and I'm back!


I miss work, I miss blogging and of course I miss everyone around!
It's going to be a slow update unfortunately as I feel I just came back to earth.