31 Jan 2011

When in KL : Little India

...and I'm back! I'm back from a short weekend in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!
This is my fourth time in KL so this time my hubby and I were concentrating to explore just around the city itself. We were staying around a place called the Little India, which is situated at Masjid India Street (One of the oldest streets in the city).

It was raining when we first arrived in the city and it continued to pour for the next couple of days making it quite difficult for us to walk around and my cameras were soaking wet. Thank god they're still working.

Little India is famous for its colorful textiles, clothing and accessories shopping. You can find most of the materials here to be of the cheapest and price is usually negotiable.

Of course finding textiles of a fine quality and cheap can make one go crazy! I managed to control myself in spending crazily over here.
(Err, I mean compare to my previous experience shopping in Little India.)
I still have plenty of interesting things to share with you when I'm in KL in my upcoming entries.

P.S: I've sore feet due to extreme walking. It surely is not a happy feet.

27 Jan 2011

I am Maru

Maru is the most popular cat on Youtube and has his page on Wikipedia.

P.S: I'm just so happy today. It's my last day at work :)

26 Jan 2011

Adorable Monsters

Sesame Street: I'm still enjoying this children TV show until now. I'm not sure how many people of my age still think watching Sesame Street is enjoyable. Hm...I'm still normal, right?
What I love the most about the show is those fluffy, weird but cute monsters and Super Grover is my favorite. I wonder who is your favorite monster.
Happy Wednesday everybody!

24 Jan 2011

A pain in the neck

After reading my friend Zezebel post about her new boss, I can only think of one person at work that is really a pain in the neck. But I'm not gonna make my fingers go tired typing a long list of my tantrum about that person.

Actually, I'm having a real pain in the neck! I have it since yesterday. Uuh!
I guess I've been trying everything to relieve it but it is still painful.
Any other ideas?

23 Jan 2011

GLEE: Forget You

Don't really care who sing it, I just love the song!
Happy Sunday to all!

22 Jan 2011

Something interesting: QWOP.

This is my third post of the day and to tell you the truth, I am so very high at the moment. Must be because of the nice weather :) Anyway, here's something to fill in for the weekend, a flash game called QWOP.

To play this game all you have to do is control the runner by only using the Q, W, O and P keys.
Play QWOP here

It's not easy as it sound. The longest I ran was only 15 metres.
The interesting thing about this game:
It's either you end up laughing with tears or getting pissed. Overall it's fun! :)
Have fun & enjoy your weekend everybody!

Weekend getaway

I'll be having my weekend in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia next week! Yay! Can't wait! Oh, there's plenty of things I wanna do there in a short period of time.

This will be my first time flying with Air Asia...

P.S: Salam Satu Malaysia :)

Angry Birds!

The popular game from iPhone is finally available for PSP! Yeay!

But somehow I could not start the game in my PSP! (Still working on it)
I'm currently an angry blogging wife...Grr!!!

19 Jan 2011

Rainy days

We've been experiencing Sun-less condition in the country for the past few days...
And it's sad to know that major flood is happening in some countries.
On the other side, the vampires are surely happy to go out during this kind of weather :)
Happy Wednesday everybody!

16 Jan 2011

Sunday Race

Today I couldn't play badminton with that Sh!ttlecock since it was raining outside, so I took out my other toy for a spin in the rain...

How big really is my RC car...

Just that big.

P.S: It's the skill that counts ;)

15 Jan 2011

I'm playing with what?!...

The other day I bought a tube of windproof shuttlecock. To my surprise I found this written in the receipt...

Yup! Now I'm playing badminton with sh*ttlecock!
Have a great weekend everybody!

13 Jan 2011

127 Hours

A true story of Aron Ralston, a mountain climber who was trapped in an isolated canyon in Utah.
I watched the movie yesterday with my friends...and I heard lots of Eww-ing and screaming!

It's not that it's a scary movie...it's a good watch but hm, I'll let you decide.
My ratings: 8/10

Typical me

Ah, I've been tagged by my lovely friend and a fellow blogger - gadisbunga. It's just a simple tag which I'm very happy to answer...
#1. What's your hobby?
Beside eating, I like spending :)
#2. List down the places you wish to go?
In real world: Istanbul
Not real world: Narnia :)
#3. Your positive side?
Always happy :D
#4. Your negative side?

Now passing the fun Q's to Sie, LiLing, Zezebel. Have fun!

P.S: Thanks GB for the tag ;)

11 Jan 2011

Can't hardly wait!

I'm already counting days for my next leave. I'll be spending my weekend out of the country. I'll tell you the place when the time has come :) Actually this is part of my new year resolution; that is to have as many trips and vacations as possible in a year.

P.S: 16 days to go...
image source: www.glasbergen.com

10 Jan 2011

Arranged marriage

I thought I'd only see something like this in Bollywood movies but it happened to my friend. He's obliged to marry one of his cousins. He'd chosen family over love.

I wish they will have a happy wonderful life together :)

image: www.glasbergen.com

6 Jan 2011

Chicken everyday

I grew tired of eating chicken almost everyday...

Maybe I should start becoming a vegetarian.

3 Jan 2011

I'm into Korean :)

I'm kind of addicted watching Korean drama series now. 80% of my family members (and that includes my mom too) are so much into Korean dramas and group bands. I think they're more updated than myself.

Currently I'm watching Personal taste.
Got few more episodes to catch up with!

P/S: I got my eyes on Lee Min Ho!