13 Jan 2011

Typical me

Ah, I've been tagged by my lovely friend and a fellow blogger - gadisbunga. It's just a simple tag which I'm very happy to answer...
#1. What's your hobby?
Beside eating, I like spending :)
#2. List down the places you wish to go?
In real world: Istanbul
Not real world: Narnia :)
#3. Your positive side?
Always happy :D
#4. Your negative side?

Now passing the fun Q's to Sie, LiLing, Zezebel. Have fun!

P.S: Thanks GB for the tag ;)


LiLing said...

Let's go to Narnia together! :D Thanks for the tag. Will do it soon enough! ;)

Didzy said...

Ok dear! Your treat eh? I mean the ticket fares & stuff...hehe

Zezebel said...

auw..baru nampak tag ini, nanti saya jawab ye..hehe

Didzy said...

ok..jawab tau, jgn tak jawab! ^^