22 Jan 2011

Something interesting: QWOP.

This is my third post of the day and to tell you the truth, I am so very high at the moment. Must be because of the nice weather :) Anyway, here's something to fill in for the weekend, a flash game called QWOP.

To play this game all you have to do is control the runner by only using the Q, W, O and P keys.
Play QWOP here

It's not easy as it sound. The longest I ran was only 15 metres.
The interesting thing about this game:
It's either you end up laughing with tears or getting pissed. Overall it's fun! :)
Have fun & enjoy your weekend everybody!


Dai Ning Li said...

The game isn't over yet for me. I crazily am trying to make the runner "run" for once hahaha!!! He kept falling on his knees, even stumbled while attempting to move a foot forward. This is so nice Didz, it made my weekday!

Didzy said...

@Dai Ning Li:
hahaha! gosh! don't overstress yourself! actually, i wasn't running either, i was dragging my knees! hahaha!

QWOP Strategy said...

This game is seriously frustrating!

Although my athlete seems to be quite content landing on his face continually!

Didz said...

@QWOP Strat:
lol! Good luck on that! I give up playing QWOP now.