31 Jul 2009

::Can't wait!::


I've seen the trailer and it was so hilarious! I'm really looking forward to catch this movie. This coming sunday I'll be watching this movie with my BFF. Yay!

Will do the review after that.

My expectation: If this movie is too damn good, I don't mind to watch it few times over and over again. Hehe

::FTO @work::

*Shiiiiiiitake mushroom!*
My Coke Zero

Few days ago at work, my colleague and I were voluntarily cleaning up and defrosting our pantry fridge. It was claimed to be out of order since it has no longer giving cold to whatever we keep inside, so before anyone else keep on complaining and nagging I suggested my colleague to investigate it. He's sort of a handyman so he knows just how to fix it. Our first step was to defrost it to see if the motor inside still running. So we left it defrost and it took like 2 days long for the ice to melt completely! It was a thick iceberg inside there!

It turned out the motor is still working and so after a second cleaning and all, we put it to a test. Nothing else was inside there but my coke zero and this is what I found the next day. An elongated can of coke zero! Hehe. It's not the fact that this is unusual, everybody simply knows this is what happen if you keep any cans or bottles in the freezer section.
(I've been through much more worst experience before: A routine test of can food, incubated it at 55 degrees incubator the next day the entire lab smelled chicken curry! LOL! The can exploded inside the incubator! It was an extra routine that day that we had to clean up the mess.)

So the reason why I post my 'mutated' coke zero here is just to prove to my other colleagues that our fridge is still working just alright and we (Mr handyman and I) did a pretty darn good job fixing it! :p Hehe and I expect the QCians will say: Thank you! Mmmwaaah!

p/s: I did not drink it. I'm mutated enough already hehe so I asked Mr handyman if he would like to give it a go, so he took it and asked him if the fizz is still there...It was alright then :)

::FTO Log #010::

Weekend treat @ Pizza Hut

Last weekend I dined out with my fiance at one of Pizza Hut outlets. I was craving for pizza, don't know why but I just feel wanna eat it. When we ordered a salad, now this is what we got. The interesting about this salad is actually the bowl. It is 100% made of dough! I mean the bowl is actually a bread. I've never seen this one before so it was totally new on me to discover it. Maybe it is a common thing in other countries that they serves it this way by using a hard dough for salads instead of using a glass or ceramic bowl which is now I can say an old style?

I was wondering if it can be eaten or at least edible. My fiance said it is! But I doubted him and started to knock the edge with a fork and the sound of it convinced you that it is really hard as a concrete! Hehe I don't know. Then I tried to pluck it out a bit see if it will crack but I just couldn't. I dared my fiance to try and eat it since he said it can be eaten. Haha. But oh well, man and his ego and tried to control his macho sort of thing, he was'nt up for the challenge. I've imagined if he actually ate that bread bowl would they charge extra? Haha.

"You've eaten our salad bowl, which is not meant to be eaten. It's part of our kitchen utensils so you have to pay for it." LOL! Imagine that!

30 Jul 2009

::what I'm up to::


These few days I'm just occupying myself learning another new software for animation. Well not so new, it's just new on me as the software is there all along. This is my first time using this software to make animation otherwise I just simply would use other animation software that I have. This is using the macromedia flash professional 8 as recommended by one of my colleagues. Took me only 2 days to learn how to use it and produced my 1st animation using this software. Hehe, am I good? ---- :D

I used my desktop wallpaper as the background and created this orange stick man which is just hyper fooling around my desktop. It behaved like a monkey hehe I should've drawn a monkey instead. Haha! It runs only about 5 secs. Well this is just the beginning. I will produce more or less lengthy movies sooner or later.

I'm planning to do some sort of mini comical series/episodes for posting in this blog once I really so very mastered in this software. InsyaAllah. The drawing takes time as I am not good in it but thank god the software make it to look good. Well wish me luck!

27 Jul 2009

::busy monday::

I'm a busy bee

Today at work reminded me what I used to be few years ago. Few years ago were those hectic days I used to call "everyday is Monday" due to the non stop lab workloads of performing various type of food testings everyday but especially every Monday where samples are always keep on coming and piling up to be tested. I was a robot back there. A robot with a brain and somewhat having a big memory card installed to my brain and eventually thank god it has trained me to be skillful and expert.

Since I moved on to a new job but almost with the same aims of doing QC now, I tend to be slowing down and more relaxed somehow. I thank god for this to happen to me but I never felt so much better to be so busy just like today. It was different this time that I had to do some paper works. It started early in the morning with just claimed to be a short discussion about my new findings but somehow it really squeezed out the juice of my brain. Don't get me wrong here, I do like it! It has been a long time that I've never been so busy the whole day after I moved on to a new job. With my table was fully covered with paper works until I had to use my colleague's space, I managed to get all my work done at the end of the day. Alhamdulillah. Well, I'm ready for more, just bring it on! Hehe.

26 Jul 2009

::little sweet angels::

Those sweet little things called children. Nope! It's not mine. hehe. I'm talking about my friends's children. Majority my colleagues are all married and have kids. I don't know what made them just to love my company around. I mean, I had few times of having kid talked over the phone with me (I was meant to talk to their mother instead this children wanted to talk to me). I also had few times of chatting on msn with a kid (I was hoping it was her mom but turned out it was her daughter using her msn, so I just chat along with her). I get to know these children quite well through their moms. What? Is it a sign already that I should get married and soon have a family of my own? Hehe.

It's just so sweet to know whatsoever they are interested in. My colleague's children for example likes to talk about her current activities in her life so simply she's just like updating me whenever she gets to talk to me over the phone. On the other hand, my friend's only daughter likes to share topics about Hannah Montana and Disney stuff through chatting. Hehe. So I guess that fits me in perfectly bcuz I'm kinda like Hannah Montana too and such a big fan of Disney and stuff! Ok, then my other colleague's also only daughter have the same interest in liking Hannah Montana and such plus she loves to eat! Which again, just perfectly having me in the same boat! Hmm, ok now I realized maybe we have the same interests that made these children to like me around them. Hehe. Then again, my colleague always bring along one of her children to work every afternoon so sometimes if I'm just too tired doing my paperworks or just simply bored, I just play with her. But she's the one who always find me first whenever she comes before I can hide myself, LOL!

To conclude, I think it's not me who made them attracted but I guess that I am actually one of them! I'm still such a big kid inside afterall. Hehe

::she's the next top landscape photographer::

A new link to sitimonne's pics

This pic is also one of sitimonne's bests that I like. Looks so artistic! Good job! Click here to go to her sites to check out for more pics sitimonne

::doing favors for myself & everybody::

Glitter Words

Woot! Woot! It's weekend and still another good reason to get up pretty late! hehe. Well, I decided to list down few things that I filled in for this weekend:

:: Spending times and having dinner out with my fiance. I was craving for pizza! - Done
:: Cleaning up my toilet - Done
:: Ironing my work attires for next week use - Done
:: Going to the nearest convenient store - After I'm done with this
:: Downloading MJ's greatest hits as requested by my colleague's daughter - Done
:: Leeching a tv series of a whole season for my BFF - So far 70% done. It'll be done by tonight, no worries.
:: Downloading 70's/80's songs and burn into cd for my senior colleague - So yesterday
:: Downloading some love songs for my another senior colleague for his vids project - Ongoing
:: Reviewing my latest discovery for my work project - Too excited to do it but somehow will do it later
:: Washing my car - Having 2nd thought, have to check the weather forecast for tomorrow, Hehe
:: Having lunch - Later (not hungry at the moment. Unbelievable!)
:: Changing new water of the fishbowl and feed the fish - Done
:: Trying out another new software I just installed last night - Later
:: Pay visit to my aunts to catch things up, again - Later


Got the 2nd diary

It took me just exactly 15 days to have this after the first one. Being pampered last night by my fiance so I asked him to buy this one for me. Hehe. My BFF bought the first diary for me (she pampered me too! hehe).
I was expecting this to be one of a good LOL pleasures just like the 1st one but I'm a bit frustrated that it only gave me some slight giggles and smiles reading along. It only took me couple of hours to finish reading this book last night. The nice thing about this kind of story books is that it comes in some mini cartoons inside it that I considered it as a comical diary. Which is good cuz I luv to read comics! Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to have the next two books of this wimpy kid by the end of this month perhaps and hoping it will be as funny as the 1st one. Anyway, as a total, I feel good in owning this kind of story books and hoping to get more of this sort from any local bookstores. If only I could draw much better, I'm sure my journals will be famous too! Haha!

24 Jul 2009

::wha' I'm doing right now::

At this very moment, I'm updating, downloading, organizing my ipod contents with some movies, music clips, concerts, cartoons and songs that I like. I'm not even close to fill it up to minimum 10GB inside it yet as my ipod max storage is 80 GB total. I should have bought the ipod with 120 GB storage.**greedy** I found out about the price is just few dollars difference from that of 80 GB. Urgh! Hmph! Too late!
But still this is one of my best gadgets to be with me all the time wherever I go, it's always in my bag. I can listen or watch it anytime that I want, very useful especially whenever I'm attending a boring jemputan kahwin otherwise I consider this as my hi-tech bedtime story book especially to make me all sleepy again. (lapas ku membaca doa before tidur laa baruku menyumbat telingaku kai ani, hehe)

::yay! it's friday::

Always looking forward to Fridays considering everyday I have to get up real early getting ready for work. Now as friday comes, it's always a good excuse to get up pretty late. (well, trying) I get used to get up early but fridays and sundays are the days I tend to tuck myself back into bed, only god knows what time I really get myself up and about. Hehe. It's a day I do my laundry, it's a day I try to experiment a new recipe, it's a day to hang out with my cousins or otherwise it's just a day that I can become really really lazy doing nothing at all but eat. Well, thank god it's friday!

22 Jul 2009

::thanks m8!::

BFF day out review

I've read my BFF entry about our last BFF outing. Now, since I can't make any comments of it from her blog so I just put it all up here instead. Hehe :D I've been meaning to write it today but can't really concentrate writing at work, u know laa so many interuptions plus that we had training on a new equipment today.
We just can't help it can we m8? Hehe, I mean we see each other everyday, text almost everyday, now we are somehow putting it all up to another new level - "communicating" thru our blogs. Hehe. We should have started doing this few years back but nevermind, it's never too late for anything. It's the fun in every forms that we are looking for kan? Thanks for the review m8 and I noticed you used my fav colors for it, blue and orange :D Hmm, actually there's a long version of my sayings about the friendship that I put in the vid which I gave you but I'm not gonna write it all here as well. Haha. Will save it for next year annv :p and plz don't post the vid, :$ maluku. Haha! Yes, of course we will go to Tasek Brasserie again. Oh! wait! maybe next time I wanna change it to Li Gong Empire or Empire Pantai restaurant? Buleh? :D You know I love you too m8. cuwenicu ;)

::some of her best shots::

Unbelievable simonne :D
She just bought herself a DSLR Camera, the Nikon D5000. She just took interest in photography recently. She learned some new techniques from numerous mags and through the net and shown me some of the pictures she has taken. I picked this 3 pics as her best shots that I like the most. It looks like it's all taken from a postcard but seriously these are the outcomes of her camera and her cool techniques...I really wowed her for this ;)
She named this pic Splash. She doesn't really agree about this pic that it's nice but to me it's something unique and beautiful. I don't know, I'm also not good in photography thingy but I like it when it shows the detail of the sea hitting the rocks. It's just me, hehe.

Now, this is a super-duper nice pic that I felt in love with :d. I told her that this or any of her pics can be used as the prepaid card pictures or otherwise as local postcards or better as calendar. I hope one day we will see one of her pics on the prepaid card as a start. Hehe. Thanks for letting me to have this pics simonne. Consider me as your no.1 fan, hehe :D **kweng-kweng-kweng** But seriously, keep up the good work.

Update: I tried to add her web link but the pictures are no longer there. I've no idea where it has gone to. I'll ask her when I see her for a new link.

21 Jul 2009

::it's a nice day afterall::

Rainy day

Ok, earlier today I complained how rain affected my clean and shiny car but on the other hand, I honestly love it when it rains. I know there are rains that can bring a total disaster but what I like the most are those rains that just come pouring down without having any thunders or lightnings. Just plain simple rain regardless it's just a shower or heavy ones just like today.

I don't recall about what time it has started pouring down heavily but I managed to capture the moment. This picture is taken from my office which is on the 7th floor during my lunchtime. (Seriously! My work place is at the 7th floor! - Told you, the number seven always appear in my life) Our building has numbers of big glass panels to view the scene outside. So when it rains like today, it is just so calm to ponder on the nature outside. I assume it is a good therapy. Or otherwise feeling like in a middle of Korean drama or something, Hehe. You know, just standing there behind the big window glass with your arms folded watching the rain comes down while thinking of your love ones or just wondering where the future will take you. While I was busy trying to get some of the best shots of the rain using my hand phone (since I got nothing else to do) I was interrupted by one of my colleagues so we had a brief talk about the rain and how he wish to have collected it. I have no idea for what reason but I think it's something to do with his aquarium or something cuz he is a fish enthusiast. I didn't ask him further thou. I managed to get this shot and noticed how heavy is the rain. You can tell already by looking at the long rod-shaped droplets, which is rare or it's just me never seen this kind before. I'm a bit surprised that my handphone camera managed to capture it clearly when I thought earlier I should have brought along my digital camera.

Despite what I've nagged about my car, I'm thankful that today turned out to be one of the nice days that I enjoyed. Thanks to god and nature.

::every time::

It always happen to me

About 2 weeks ago I had my car clean inside out. It remains shiny because I used my other car to work. Today I'm driving my shiny car to work cuz my bro needs to use my other car. Just about 20 minutes on the road, I started to notice few drops of rain on my wind shield. Hmmph! :@ I know I can't argue with what mother nature brings, it'll be the wrong of me. But I don't know why EVERY TIME I washed my car, whenever I drive out it will start to rain! Luckily this time I managed to arrive in time before the light pour entirely wet my car. I'll bring rain to Africa you know if I wash my car there :). But at the bright side, I know there's something good behind all this. I don't think I'm jinxed, I don't know...maybe I bring luck to everyone that it rains finally. Hehe. So mysterious!

20 Jul 2009

::Freakin out::

Need some air

This is a serious matter - the "Big day" in my life. Recently me and my other half were already planning it to be some times next year. I haven't officially told our family just yet. I just cracked the news to my BFF and she seemed to be surprised, excited and worrying. Hehe. Count me in! I'm worry, I'm panicking, I...I need some air! :f Honestly apart of me is excited and the rest of it is panicking. For sure there are tonnes of things need to prepare and to be done and I don't know where to start with! Right away I just appointed my BFF as my wedding planner/advisor, at least that's kind of a relief for me, and I know she'll be there to knock me on the head if I happen to forget about something along the preparation. I think I just write up to this level pasalnya the more I go, the more kabak-kabak ku ni. :y Hehe
**Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out**

::m8 part two::

Another version of mate?

To my BFF: M8, what you see now is a mate! (or a group of mates) Haha! Wow! Can you imagine?! ...
I know!

Mate is Argentinian's national drink and can also be a national drink to countries like Uruguay, Paraguay, and South of Brazil. I have no idea if it is pronounce similar to "mate". Here's more: Basically, it is an infusion based on an herb called Yerba Mate. Usually it is taken with hot water. This water is carried on a tea kettle, pava in spanish, or in a thermo bottle. The name Mate is also given to the place where the infusion is put and taken from. Those shiny mates are made with wood and veneered. Some mates are made with wood from typical trees of the region like caldén and carob tree. In the middle front it could be seen one made from gourd.

So if we are in Argentina, or Uruguay, or Paraguay, or South of Brazil dear m8,...then we are one of those in the picture, LOL! :p This is very interesting...Hehe. I could be the middle front that's made of gourd then. Haha! Now, which one would you be? :p


The history of M8

I've been asked many times, what is M and 8? Is it some kind of military weapon? A car series model? For those of you who doesn't know, M8 is actually a short form for mate. It all started like 10 years ago, or 9 years ago, oh wait more or less hehe but the bottom line is it was a long, long time ago while I was still in college. I clearly remember it was in the college library where my friends and I were supposed to do some revisions otherwise research on our assignment. Then simply I was the one who raised my curiosity to our biology lecturer what does mate means to a bloke like you (since he's from UK) and since we are well familiar with the warm greeting of Aussie people "Good day mate". He explained that it refers to address a close friend or something like that. Once we knew it, we started practicing it all day long calling each other and eventually through texting. Of all the 3 closest friends that I have during that time, it was only one of them who happened to stick with me with this mate thing to this date. Gladly, she is my bestfriend back there, now and forever. Aww...I could never imagined what tend to be a simple question, with a simple answer turned out to be the word symbolizing how close we are to each other and somehow contributes to a very strong friendship. **Sniff,sniff** How touchy. In other words, m8 is something simple but meaningful to me and my BFF. That's how we call each other to this date. Well, as sms has developed with all those short forms texts and everything, and so we cut it short to be just m8 then.
Now, to my m8/BFF, if you are reading this just correct me if I'm missing something or wrong somewhere there in the history. Hehe cuz honestly I've tried to find my entries about the m8 thingy in all my college journals but still I couldn't find it. I remember I wrote it in my journal but I'm still confused which journals. Let see if you happened to have another version of this m8 history. Hehe.


Filling in the holidays

Since Monday is public holiday here, this evening me and my other half, together with my brothers and their gfs and my sis (her hubby is on business trip to China) went out for a movie at the Empire cinema. We were watching Harry Potter 6. I wasn't too excited to go actually because the previous HP movie really had disappointed me. I thought it's the typical HP with little magical exciting actions. When we got to Empire, all the employees dressed up just like Hogwarts young wizards, which is cool. I remember few years back, they wore the wizard hat, which was better. I didn't see any other HP props hanging or simply just standing around the cinema thou. The few years back they made it really grand during the premiere. Anyways, I guess I'm gonna spoil the movie now. I have to say HP6 improved about 10% of its magical actions than its previous movie. Having to see them all grown up made it an interesting movie then. The movie runs for I think 2.5 hours or so (went in at 7.30, went out at 10pm) Overall, I think HP will be something like a never ending movie. I'm pretty sure there will be HP7 by next year or something because the ending wasn't an ending. Harry has to continue with his adventure again...and again....and again....:z until what? He's 40? At least HP6 did not disappoint me :) It's not that bad.

19 Jul 2009

::FTO Log #009::

Tasek Brasserie

Last 10th July I was lunching out with my BFF at Tasek Brasserie, Sheraton Hotel to mark our 11th years of strong wonderful friendship. Wohoo, WOOT-WOOT! :D This is unlike me. Just have a look at my dish. That was all what I had as a my lunch. 2 pieces of squids, 2 pieces of broccolis, 2 pieces of sweet potatoes, and 2 pieces of I believe that's sweet meats. I could have given someone a heart attack, hehe. I'm still losing my appetite that day because I'm still under the weather with sore throats and coughs and sadly I can't taste any of it :( Maybe I shouldn't have reserved for the buffet and have the ala carte instead. When I called for the reservation few days before the lunch, they made me so convincing in telling me what menus will be served for the buffet. Seriously it made me mouth-watering hearing it! Too bad I was still sick that day otherwise I'll be enjoying everything ;) Btw, to my BFF, thanks for the whole day adventure and eventhough I was feeling unwell and had a tasteless lunch and dinner later that day, I'm glad we had the fun together. Love ya m8!

18 Jul 2009

::FTO Log #008::

This one beats my very own corn soup

Something special about this corn soup. It presents more of its crabby taste in it. I wonder how they prepare it :d
Maybe they used the real crab meat instead of the sticks. Whatever it is, I will investigate or simply just ask one of my colleagues (who is actually a real cook.) I applauded the Nyonya Restaurant for this soup. You guys got the "X-factor" for this kind of soup. Hehe :D 10/10! There you go!

::FTO Log #007::

STILL! Reviewing...

The Steam Ginger Fish

This is a little disappointment. I was expecting it to be more "thrilling" Hehe. I love fish and ginger is kinda my favorite too. It looked yummy alright but actually it was kinda tasteless :( 5/10.

The Daging Rendang

Okay, my mom picked this one. I am not a big fan of rendang and I do have little problem when it comes to meat. Sometimes it give me tooth aches cuz the meat got stuck between my teeth. I have a sensitive teeth :D I will not rate this one cuz I passed this one.

The Mixed Veggies

Same old, same old veggies combo. It is just something that should be eaten to get all the Vit C in them. I'm a bit choosy when it comes to this one. I just picked the mushroom and the broccoli. The gravy, hmmm..thank god it's yummy.

::FTO Log #006::


The Buttermilk Chicken

Boneless chicken. Now it makes me wonder, of all the buttermilk chicken I ever tasted, I have to admit this one does not looks like it. Other buttermilk chickens look gravy and creamy but this one looked so curry-ish. Hehe.
What really matters is the taste. Uhuh, it has the taste of butter in it. I think what made the color to be such is the curry leaves. Hmm, can't taste the milky part though :D
My rate: 10/10!

::FTO Log #005::


Corn soup with crabs, buttermilk chicken, daging rendang, mixed vegetables, rojak, and steam fish with ginger. These are the dishes that we had during my family dinner at Nyonya's. I really love the, as my bro says "Batamek" :D The chicken buttermilk that is. The corn soup is the best of all. Love the crabby taste in it. Ok, I'll continue my reviews later, I have meeting to attend :s

Ok, I will do a close up with each of the dishes now...

The Rojak

When I flipped over the menus, the first thing I noticed is this one. Anyway, I've been honored to do all the orderings, well good for the FTO. Hehe.
I considered myself as a big fan of rojak. I like the paste and having the turnips in it makes a perfect combination. Not forgetting the ground nuts on top of it. Yummy! I rate this dish 9/10. (It's a bit hot, padas kalah tia ku. Hehe)

::FTO Log #004::

I had this from my last birthday

I had lunch with my BFF during my birthday at Au Lait, Qlap and I got served with this. Now I don't quite remember what the dish is called. There's chicken in there and mashed potatoes. I know!....It didn't look like it! :O Maybe the presentation is the reason. Ok the taste, well I will give this food 8/10.

::FTO Log #003::

Best Yummy Brownies

In search for the nicest, unforgettable taste of brownies I finally found it! This is the brownies from Lof Bakery. The texture of the brownies is so soft and and I don't know....It was just too perfect for my taste bud. :D

I could be biased that I never knew what brownies actually taste like but as far as I can go, this will still be the best one for me. Plus, it comes with some creative treats on the top, with few drops of chocolate chips and spread of creams. Yummy!

17 Jul 2009

::FTO Log #002::


I've taken this photo last night actually where my family and I dined in one of the finest restaurants in Serusop, Nyonya Restaurant. I say it was a combo celebration of birthday and anniversary but majority it was a birthday celebration. Two thumbs up for the foods and what an excellent service they had provided us. Extra service - They even entertained us with a singer (one of the employees). I have to say he has a nice voice and somehow managed to give me goosebumps. Hehe :d Job well done.

I'll be reviewing and uploading some pictures of the foods some times later as I haven't finished editing them all at the moment. As ilikeseven having this blog now, I just realized that my habits of taking pictures of the food I ordered anywhere I dined will come in handy now :)

::FTO Log #001::

I, the FTO presents you: The Quest of the nicest, delicious, yummy, finger-lickin' foods according to my taste bud. As a start I'll list down my top 6 coolest cafe/restaurant to dine or simply just hanging out that I ever been to in Brunei. ;)

#1. Manjaro Brunei (Love it. especially when it rains outside)
#2. Twelv Cafe (Service is kinda slow though)
#3. Charcoal & BBQ (Ok, this is way out of the topic, not only they have a nice place, you should check out their wash room/toilet too. Hehe)
#4. De Fountain Cafe (Small place, looks crowded but like it. Loves the Shepard's Pie, Yummy!)
#5. Red Canopy - Batu Bersurat
#6. Fortress

ilikeseven ::INTRODUCTION::

YAY! Finally after few hours of modifying this & that, I'm pretty much satisfied. I managed to beautify my blog **proud** :z now I can't wait to start blogging...

The problem now is it's 2 am. I'm so tired and really needed a good nice sleep but :( hmph, I can't sleep again. Tried to but I just keep on waking up out of sudden. So I guess I'll end up with a lame introduction here


16 Jul 2009


Time of blog born: 1 hour ago :~

My top 5 reasons why I finally blog:

#1. My BFF~Iantie. She said I should start my own blog though I'm administrating my family's blog.
#2. Mastering up my geeky comp knowledge (I craves for more!)
#3. Really bored, got nothing else to do
#4. Curiosity kills me
#5. Just wanna share my food reviews as I am one of the FTOs ;)