17 Jul 2009

::FTO Log #001::

I, the FTO presents you: The Quest of the nicest, delicious, yummy, finger-lickin' foods according to my taste bud. As a start I'll list down my top 6 coolest cafe/restaurant to dine or simply just hanging out that I ever been to in Brunei. ;)

#1. Manjaro Brunei (Love it. especially when it rains outside)
#2. Twelv Cafe (Service is kinda slow though)
#3. Charcoal & BBQ (Ok, this is way out of the topic, not only they have a nice place, you should check out their wash room/toilet too. Hehe)
#4. De Fountain Cafe (Small place, looks crowded but like it. Loves the Shepard's Pie, Yummy!)
#5. Red Canopy - Batu Bersurat
#6. Fortress

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