18 Jul 2009

::FTO Log #007::

STILL! Reviewing...

The Steam Ginger Fish

This is a little disappointment. I was expecting it to be more "thrilling" Hehe. I love fish and ginger is kinda my favorite too. It looked yummy alright but actually it was kinda tasteless :( 5/10.

The Daging Rendang

Okay, my mom picked this one. I am not a big fan of rendang and I do have little problem when it comes to meat. Sometimes it give me tooth aches cuz the meat got stuck between my teeth. I have a sensitive teeth :D I will not rate this one cuz I passed this one.

The Mixed Veggies

Same old, same old veggies combo. It is just something that should be eaten to get all the Vit C in them. I'm a bit choosy when it comes to this one. I just picked the mushroom and the broccoli. The gravy, hmmm..thank god it's yummy.

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