27 Jul 2009

::busy monday::

I'm a busy bee

Today at work reminded me what I used to be few years ago. Few years ago were those hectic days I used to call "everyday is Monday" due to the non stop lab workloads of performing various type of food testings everyday but especially every Monday where samples are always keep on coming and piling up to be tested. I was a robot back there. A robot with a brain and somewhat having a big memory card installed to my brain and eventually thank god it has trained me to be skillful and expert.

Since I moved on to a new job but almost with the same aims of doing QC now, I tend to be slowing down and more relaxed somehow. I thank god for this to happen to me but I never felt so much better to be so busy just like today. It was different this time that I had to do some paper works. It started early in the morning with just claimed to be a short discussion about my new findings but somehow it really squeezed out the juice of my brain. Don't get me wrong here, I do like it! It has been a long time that I've never been so busy the whole day after I moved on to a new job. With my table was fully covered with paper works until I had to use my colleague's space, I managed to get all my work done at the end of the day. Alhamdulillah. Well, I'm ready for more, just bring it on! Hehe.

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