22 Jul 2009

::some of her best shots::

Unbelievable simonne :D
She just bought herself a DSLR Camera, the Nikon D5000. She just took interest in photography recently. She learned some new techniques from numerous mags and through the net and shown me some of the pictures she has taken. I picked this 3 pics as her best shots that I like the most. It looks like it's all taken from a postcard but seriously these are the outcomes of her camera and her cool techniques...I really wowed her for this ;)
She named this pic Splash. She doesn't really agree about this pic that it's nice but to me it's something unique and beautiful. I don't know, I'm also not good in photography thingy but I like it when it shows the detail of the sea hitting the rocks. It's just me, hehe.

Now, this is a super-duper nice pic that I felt in love with :d. I told her that this or any of her pics can be used as the prepaid card pictures or otherwise as local postcards or better as calendar. I hope one day we will see one of her pics on the prepaid card as a start. Hehe. Thanks for letting me to have this pics simonne. Consider me as your no.1 fan, hehe :D **kweng-kweng-kweng** But seriously, keep up the good work.

Update: I tried to add her web link but the pictures are no longer there. I've no idea where it has gone to. I'll ask her when I see her for a new link.

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