24 Jul 2009

::wha' I'm doing right now::

At this very moment, I'm updating, downloading, organizing my ipod contents with some movies, music clips, concerts, cartoons and songs that I like. I'm not even close to fill it up to minimum 10GB inside it yet as my ipod max storage is 80 GB total. I should have bought the ipod with 120 GB storage.**greedy** I found out about the price is just few dollars difference from that of 80 GB. Urgh! Hmph! Too late!
But still this is one of my best gadgets to be with me all the time wherever I go, it's always in my bag. I can listen or watch it anytime that I want, very useful especially whenever I'm attending a boring jemputan kahwin otherwise I consider this as my hi-tech bedtime story book especially to make me all sleepy again. (lapas ku membaca doa before tidur laa baruku menyumbat telingaku kai ani, hehe)

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