19 Jul 2009

::FTO Log #009::

Tasek Brasserie

Last 10th July I was lunching out with my BFF at Tasek Brasserie, Sheraton Hotel to mark our 11th years of strong wonderful friendship. Wohoo, WOOT-WOOT! :D This is unlike me. Just have a look at my dish. That was all what I had as a my lunch. 2 pieces of squids, 2 pieces of broccolis, 2 pieces of sweet potatoes, and 2 pieces of I believe that's sweet meats. I could have given someone a heart attack, hehe. I'm still losing my appetite that day because I'm still under the weather with sore throats and coughs and sadly I can't taste any of it :( Maybe I shouldn't have reserved for the buffet and have the ala carte instead. When I called for the reservation few days before the lunch, they made me so convincing in telling me what menus will be served for the buffet. Seriously it made me mouth-watering hearing it! Too bad I was still sick that day otherwise I'll be enjoying everything ;) Btw, to my BFF, thanks for the whole day adventure and eventhough I was feeling unwell and had a tasteless lunch and dinner later that day, I'm glad we had the fun together. Love ya m8!

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