21 Jul 2009

::every time::

It always happen to me

About 2 weeks ago I had my car clean inside out. It remains shiny because I used my other car to work. Today I'm driving my shiny car to work cuz my bro needs to use my other car. Just about 20 minutes on the road, I started to notice few drops of rain on my wind shield. Hmmph! :@ I know I can't argue with what mother nature brings, it'll be the wrong of me. But I don't know why EVERY TIME I washed my car, whenever I drive out it will start to rain! Luckily this time I managed to arrive in time before the light pour entirely wet my car. I'll bring rain to Africa you know if I wash my car there :). But at the bright side, I know there's something good behind all this. I don't think I'm jinxed, I don't know...maybe I bring luck to everyone that it rains finally. Hehe. So mysterious!

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