20 Jul 2009

::m8 part two::

Another version of mate?

To my BFF: M8, what you see now is a mate! (or a group of mates) Haha! Wow! Can you imagine?! ...
I know!

Mate is Argentinian's national drink and can also be a national drink to countries like Uruguay, Paraguay, and South of Brazil. I have no idea if it is pronounce similar to "mate". Here's more: Basically, it is an infusion based on an herb called Yerba Mate. Usually it is taken with hot water. This water is carried on a tea kettle, pava in spanish, or in a thermo bottle. The name Mate is also given to the place where the infusion is put and taken from. Those shiny mates are made with wood and veneered. Some mates are made with wood from typical trees of the region like caldén and carob tree. In the middle front it could be seen one made from gourd.

So if we are in Argentina, or Uruguay, or Paraguay, or South of Brazil dear m8,...then we are one of those in the picture, LOL! :p This is very interesting...Hehe. I could be the middle front that's made of gourd then. Haha! Now, which one would you be? :p

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