31 Jul 2009

::FTO @work::

*Shiiiiiiitake mushroom!*
My Coke Zero

Few days ago at work, my colleague and I were voluntarily cleaning up and defrosting our pantry fridge. It was claimed to be out of order since it has no longer giving cold to whatever we keep inside, so before anyone else keep on complaining and nagging I suggested my colleague to investigate it. He's sort of a handyman so he knows just how to fix it. Our first step was to defrost it to see if the motor inside still running. So we left it defrost and it took like 2 days long for the ice to melt completely! It was a thick iceberg inside there!

It turned out the motor is still working and so after a second cleaning and all, we put it to a test. Nothing else was inside there but my coke zero and this is what I found the next day. An elongated can of coke zero! Hehe. It's not the fact that this is unusual, everybody simply knows this is what happen if you keep any cans or bottles in the freezer section.
(I've been through much more worst experience before: A routine test of can food, incubated it at 55 degrees incubator the next day the entire lab smelled chicken curry! LOL! The can exploded inside the incubator! It was an extra routine that day that we had to clean up the mess.)

So the reason why I post my 'mutated' coke zero here is just to prove to my other colleagues that our fridge is still working just alright and we (Mr handyman and I) did a pretty darn good job fixing it! :p Hehe and I expect the QCians will say: Thank you! Mmmwaaah!

p/s: I did not drink it. I'm mutated enough already hehe so I asked Mr handyman if he would like to give it a go, so he took it and asked him if the fizz is still there...It was alright then :)

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