20 Jul 2009


The history of M8

I've been asked many times, what is M and 8? Is it some kind of military weapon? A car series model? For those of you who doesn't know, M8 is actually a short form for mate. It all started like 10 years ago, or 9 years ago, oh wait more or less hehe but the bottom line is it was a long, long time ago while I was still in college. I clearly remember it was in the college library where my friends and I were supposed to do some revisions otherwise research on our assignment. Then simply I was the one who raised my curiosity to our biology lecturer what does mate means to a bloke like you (since he's from UK) and since we are well familiar with the warm greeting of Aussie people "Good day mate". He explained that it refers to address a close friend or something like that. Once we knew it, we started practicing it all day long calling each other and eventually through texting. Of all the 3 closest friends that I have during that time, it was only one of them who happened to stick with me with this mate thing to this date. Gladly, she is my bestfriend back there, now and forever. Aww...I could never imagined what tend to be a simple question, with a simple answer turned out to be the word symbolizing how close we are to each other and somehow contributes to a very strong friendship. **Sniff,sniff** How touchy. In other words, m8 is something simple but meaningful to me and my BFF. That's how we call each other to this date. Well, as sms has developed with all those short forms texts and everything, and so we cut it short to be just m8 then.
Now, to my m8/BFF, if you are reading this just correct me if I'm missing something or wrong somewhere there in the history. Hehe cuz honestly I've tried to find my entries about the m8 thingy in all my college journals but still I couldn't find it. I remember I wrote it in my journal but I'm still confused which journals. Let see if you happened to have another version of this m8 history. Hehe.

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