21 Jul 2009

::it's a nice day afterall::

Rainy day

Ok, earlier today I complained how rain affected my clean and shiny car but on the other hand, I honestly love it when it rains. I know there are rains that can bring a total disaster but what I like the most are those rains that just come pouring down without having any thunders or lightnings. Just plain simple rain regardless it's just a shower or heavy ones just like today.

I don't recall about what time it has started pouring down heavily but I managed to capture the moment. This picture is taken from my office which is on the 7th floor during my lunchtime. (Seriously! My work place is at the 7th floor! - Told you, the number seven always appear in my life) Our building has numbers of big glass panels to view the scene outside. So when it rains like today, it is just so calm to ponder on the nature outside. I assume it is a good therapy. Or otherwise feeling like in a middle of Korean drama or something, Hehe. You know, just standing there behind the big window glass with your arms folded watching the rain comes down while thinking of your love ones or just wondering where the future will take you. While I was busy trying to get some of the best shots of the rain using my hand phone (since I got nothing else to do) I was interrupted by one of my colleagues so we had a brief talk about the rain and how he wish to have collected it. I have no idea for what reason but I think it's something to do with his aquarium or something cuz he is a fish enthusiast. I didn't ask him further thou. I managed to get this shot and noticed how heavy is the rain. You can tell already by looking at the long rod-shaped droplets, which is rare or it's just me never seen this kind before. I'm a bit surprised that my handphone camera managed to capture it clearly when I thought earlier I should have brought along my digital camera.

Despite what I've nagged about my car, I'm thankful that today turned out to be one of the nice days that I enjoyed. Thanks to god and nature.

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