31 Aug 2010


If life at work can be this simple...

29 Aug 2010

Beauty & the briefcase

A great romantic comedy movie starring the now turning gorgeous Hilary Duff.

The Story:
Lane Daniels (Hilary Duff) has a growing career and has a great future ahead of her as a writer. She's also trying to find love and her perfect guy (or as she called it as her 'magic man') according to the checklist she has made throughout her life. A checklist for the things she expects her "soul mate" or "perfect guy" to have.

Then when a pitch goes well at Cosmopolitan Magazine, she is given the chance of a lifetime to write an article for them about dating men in suits.

To complete this task, she must go undercover and date the guys at the office. After every date she writes it all down to help her final piece.

Talking about the checklist, I bet every girls out there has their own checklist for their perfect guys. I got it too! But somehow what Lane Daniels said in the movie is true:

"I've been walking around with the ghost of my magic man. He's been haunting me, keeping me from recognizing a world of opportunities that are right in front of me."

Honestly, my soon hubby-to-be is not even close to fit my checklist. (Ok, maybe 1 or 2...) But I'm happy & feel lucky ;)
My point is - screw the checklist!

Oh, my ratings for this movie: 9/10 ;)

27 Aug 2010

The Descent

The Descent: A caving expedition goes horribly wrong. As six women who become trapped in an unmapped cave system are hunted by carnivorous humanoid creatures who have evolved and adapted to life underground.

The Descent Part 2: A sequel to the first movie. Sarah (the main character) is going back to the cave to find her missing friends teaming with the sheriff, the deputy and cave experts.

What I learned from the movies:
~Thankful I don't have to visit any caves. I don't even wanna be in one!

My ratings: 9/10 (for both movies)

24 Aug 2010

Hilarious reads

Books by Todd Harris Goldman.
I bought this books when I was abroad last year and I was meant to blog about it.
Anyway, here it is:


This book tells those weird facts about girls. I think some girls would find this book offensive. But this is a perfect gift for a girl...well any girl with a sense of humor that is! I like this book, it's hilarious!


The opposite of the above book. Everything you need to know about boys. I hope some boys would not be offended too with this book!

21 Aug 2010

When they meet

Lucy & Erin
It's getting to know each other time since I keep both in different cages...

They looked adorable together.
But they were just posing for the camera...
After these shots, they fought!

18 Aug 2010

Goodbye Quad...

My beta fish, Quad, died today :(
I just got home from work and found him dead.
Some times last week I noticed he had a lump around his gill cover.
I thought that's normal but few days ago I noticed the lump was getting bigger.
He hardly can swim and surface whenever I feed him.

At first I laughed when I found out what's wrong with him.
I thought I was reading jokes from people on the net that has similar problem.
I found it hard to believe when I read:
"Your beta fish is having a tumor."

Quad was around 2 years and I really feel very bad when there's nothing much I can do for him...
I'm glad I spent times with him last night...Quad was the most amazing fish I ever had, was indeed a great companion.
I'll be missing him so much.

16 Aug 2010

For the love of...

Who can resist???
Care to buy me any of those chocolates?

15 Aug 2010

Diary of a wimpy vampire

This will be my next read diary.
I'm not sure if this book is available for sale already in my country...
But I'm so looking forward to have & read it :)

Didz on the go via blogger mobile

14 Aug 2010


Yes, I'm mouseless at the moment but behold! I found something genius...or magical...or silly? Hmm, tell me what you think of this:

I think this will be the perfect mouse for me...but, Hm, I wouldn't have a problem in finding my mouse...would I? Would I guys?

13 Aug 2010


I'm not really into Tekken game because it always pissed me off - I hardly win! Anyway, finally I get to watch the movie last night and I loved it!

But having Jon Foo as Jin Kazama is a bad choice...
He's way too cute to be Jin!
Jin should have looked more tougher & bulkier, not cuter!
Ok, maybe he can have those qualities at the same time...Hm.
But Jon Foo...tsk, tsk, tsk!

My ratings: 9/10 :) and
Not to disappoint Jon Foo's cuteness: 10/10! :)

12 Aug 2010

Watched recently

#1. Sherlock
Currently I'm following this series owned by BBC. 7 million viewers like the series and so yeah, I'm one of them. It's Sherlock and Watson of the 21st century and of course with the twist of 21st century crime busting styles.

#2. The Final
Ah. Some school outcasts plot a revenge to their friends that always bully them. If you're a bully, you might wanna think twice before you go bully someone again. And for those who got bullied out there, this is a perfect gift for your 'bully-er'!
My ratings: 7/10

#3. The Sorcerer's apprentice
Oh what can I say? Another great movies of 2010 :) A must watch movie.
My ratings: 9/10

#4. Marmaduke
Hilarious! :D
My ratings: 8/10

#5. Nanny McPhee and the big bang
Hm. I still like the first one, it was much better. The movie this time is surely for kids but it's funny anyway. If you like to see pigs flying and do water acrobatic performance, this is the movie for you. :)
My ratings: 6/10

11 Aug 2010

Meet ERIN!

Erin is my second Syrian teddy bear hamster pet. (Oh! Nothing happened to Lucy - she's still alive and kickin'!)

She's just few weeks old and on the 14th this month, she's officially 1 month old :)

Yup...another obese hammie is in the list soon!

9 Aug 2010

This is meant for you...

Lately, I've felt that something's wrong between us
but I'm not sure what caused it.

I just wish I had a magic wand
that I could wave in our direction
to make everything all better,
or a sprinkle of stardust that would erase
every problem that has come our way.

But since I don't have those things,
I would just like for us to talk about our situation,
and hopefully let you know that
I would never want to hurt you.

Left Ribs

7 Aug 2010

5 Aug 2010


I broke another mouse again today.
This will be my...umm..mouse #....(I lost count!)
That's all I'm saying.

4 Aug 2010

Latest addition...

to my Dear Dumb Diary series collection. Finally today I decided to buy the #5 diary. It's really a funny diary of Jamie Kelly (the main character) and I love it!

Anyway, it's a good read for teens and hmm, not-so-teen individual like me. :) Well, to me it's worth to read...I'm always fill with laughter reading her diaries...

Try reading her diaries while on PMS. (I think it works!) ;)

Wordless Wednesday


2 Aug 2010

Baby Panda

One of my favorites...
Baby Panda sneeze scared mama...
So cute!

1 Aug 2010


I just watched Salt last night and I loooooveee...............
the cinema's popcorn! Yummy! Hehehe...

Ok anyway, the movie...I'd say it's a must watch movie. Full with great action and suspense. There's a scene where Angelina Jolie posed as a man...wow, he's cute! Hmm...:)

My ratings for this movie: 9/10!