11 Aug 2010

Meet ERIN!

Erin is my second Syrian teddy bear hamster pet. (Oh! Nothing happened to Lucy - she's still alive and kickin'!)

She's just few weeks old and on the 14th this month, she's officially 1 month old :)

Yup...another obese hammie is in the list soon!


Rml said...

Didi... don't kill it with your clumsy pengwee hands, please!

Didz-W said...

@Robbie: lol! Ok..I won't..I pwomise! ;)

beanizer_05 said...

hey didz!!!...erin is sooooooooooo cute!!!! i like her color, so cutie cutie kitty!! so small tiny tiny mushy mushy...ok ok..got carried away..but she's really cute..wish i can hold and play with her??..tell lucy she's pretty,,erin is cute..
and pengwee is...is..ok what adjective should i give you now?

hey didz that rml is right! pls don't kill the cute thing?? i can take care of her..hmmmm...can i just have her?

*see my comment is kinda long..just proving i'm really amazed of this cutie cutie kitty..*

Didz-W said...

@Bean: lol! Im amazed u got carried away adoring Erin's cuteness. Hehe that's tweet of u..
She's still small & im being careful to handle her. Sure u can play w/her, just make sure u wear diapy when u do. We don't want tragic accident to happen to both of ya...do we? :p

beanizer_05 said...


my diapy has nothing to do with my playing with erin..hmmmm..hmmmmm...oh you're thinking...???...oh!!! that one..that one..eeeerrrr..what was that again???

Didz-W said...

@bean: yeah...what?? I REALLY don't get what u meant! :P
Hey btw, I hope your 'stalker' won't find u here :P (Mind u, am not gonna be responsible!)

Didz-W said...

@Bean: Oh I almost forgot!
Lucy is pretty, Erin is cute and Pengwee is still lovable! :P

beanizer_05 said...

sssssssssshhhhhhh!! don't be so loud!!! c'mon!! we'll take that thing privately..not here *looking around*

now, i'm getting paranoid!! you still psychoing me? hmm..maybe erin is psychoing me..cutie cutie kitty kitty..

pengwee is what???...oh...BLURrable??..i should make my own Bean's dictionary..

1 more thing, is it possible if you remove this word verification blah blah??..it's 'kinda' PMSsing..hehehe

Didz-W said...

@Bean: lol! yeah..i'm that too! - Blurable! haha. I removed the word verification already na. I just hate that spams invading my comment box! Grrr!

beanizer_05 said...

no worries about the spams,,blogger has been upgraded..it got a "spam" option in comment moderation..

see? i'm here again..ok i'll stop here, don't want to bore Erin cutie cutie mushy mushy..didz i guess..i guess i'm falling for her..her! yeah! who else! ERIN!!..yes! i'm in love!!

van said...

my oh my,.Beany is in love with erin??? Lol.,
Pengwee,dont get her near to beany,she might be like janz' chokey..havent you heard wat beany did to poor chokey?

@beany:oh hi beany *big smyL*
cutie cutie beany

Didz-W said...

Bean is head over heels for Erin...i haven't heard what he has done to chokey...but I do hope it wasn't a naughty thing...hehe...

But Erin is still way too young for Bean...haha!