12 Aug 2010

Watched recently

#1. Sherlock
Currently I'm following this series owned by BBC. 7 million viewers like the series and so yeah, I'm one of them. It's Sherlock and Watson of the 21st century and of course with the twist of 21st century crime busting styles.

#2. The Final
Ah. Some school outcasts plot a revenge to their friends that always bully them. If you're a bully, you might wanna think twice before you go bully someone again. And for those who got bullied out there, this is a perfect gift for your 'bully-er'!
My ratings: 7/10

#3. The Sorcerer's apprentice
Oh what can I say? Another great movies of 2010 :) A must watch movie.
My ratings: 9/10

#4. Marmaduke
Hilarious! :D
My ratings: 8/10

#5. Nanny McPhee and the big bang
Hm. I still like the first one, it was much better. The movie this time is surely for kids but it's funny anyway. If you like to see pigs flying and do water acrobatic performance, this is the movie for you. :)
My ratings: 6/10


♣ Tharangni ♣ said...

wow! u should see inception too! its awesome! X)

Tryant said...

Wow!!I should watch all these movies With bro.I wonder if they'll allow kids to see the movies?
Btw Kinda missed the blog!

Didz-W said...

@Tharangni: I heard inception is a great movie too. I haven't watched it though but I'm looking forward to catch it soon ;) thanks!

@Tryant: Oh there u are! Haven't heard from u in a while, I thought u were lost! :O I heard ur bro is missing u very much!

Rml said...

I LOVE Sherlock!!!! I think it's totally awesome and I'm completely addicted to it!!!
And I really really wanna see The Sorcerer's Apprentice!

Didz-W said...

@Robbie: Hey! Good to know u like that Sherlock too! Yeah, totally agreed with u and i think that guy who plays as Sherlock got what it takes to be the Sherlock. He's good!...

beanizer_05 said...

WOW! you've seen a lot of movies lately!..lucky pengweee!!..
That Sherlock got no rating..so i'm not that convinced,you know your reviews is a must..so rate it..
i got the copy of sorcerer's apprentice but still didn't get time to watch it..others mentioned..haven't heard yet..are they in cinemas already??

Hey bro! we'll ask didz for the copy,..and for popcorn too, ok i don't like popcorns, ice cyeam will do and KFC krushers!..didz is generous and a good provider..

ambiguous_angel said...

I wanna watched Nanny McPhee and the big bang!
i watched the first one and i enjoyed it!

Didz-W said...

@bean: Hai naku! I don't rate it bcuz it's an ongoing series...but if u asked for it, my ratings will be superb for the first 3 episodes that i've watched...

Hahaha! I'm generous?? Nooo! But I'm helpful, so u can pass your money and lemme help u buy the ice creams and KFC! :P

I was kinda disappointed with the 2nd Nanny McPhee :( But I'll wait what u think about it when u get to watch it ok ;)