31 Aug 2009

::A lousy start::

Honestly, I had quite a lousy Monday today. I couldn't sleep well last night and had my late meal for the fasting at about 1 am (which is considered way too early). I wanna put my tummy into a different test this time, see if it could work that I don't have to throw up every time after I had my late meal every night for this fasting month. Sadly it didn't work, I threw up anyway. I was planning to get up again around 3 am just to fill my tummy with plenty of water but somehow I was already in a deep sleep.

When I got up this morning, it was already 7.15 am! Man, I'm so late for work! Waking up knowing that I was late for work wasn't really my main problem (well it was a problem, but a minor one). I was just worrying about the traffic jam that I'm going to face soon and yep, I was stuck in it! Going through the heavy traffic jam made me feeling dreadful. It was raining heavily as well this morning, and when it rains like today, commuting will be even much more slower! It took me forever to reach work. Cars just moved an inch by inch! Imagine how slow was the traffic!

I was stuck in the traffic jam for merely 1 hour. I finally reached work almost to 9 am! Luckily this is like my first time. I'm never late for work before, not this late though. Like my bff said, there's always a first time for everything. Well, there you have it - My first time being really late for work. Hehe. I considered myself as a good and proactive staff, so it's best to know that I'm not close to be nominated as the late comer or to be chewed out by my big boss for showing up late for work. -- No, thank you!

::FTO Log #017::

Breaking the fast at Amanah Harith Restaurant, Jerudong

As I've posted last night, so I will review about this restaurant now.

The buffet menus - well, lots and lots of them! The restaurant set up a food camp-site outside as another additional partition due to the fasting month. The extended tables on the corners were fulled with various kind of full course menus starting with 2 different type of rice, dates, and of course all those chickens, fishes, veges, and all those noodles.

They categorized different kind of meal course (soups, desserts, drinks, etc) at different tables around the room, which is convenient and easier to take first whatever you wanted to have. However, the place inside is a bit small and when you reserved for more than 20 people, they won't put your crews in one long extended table as expected. It would be like you're reserving 2 round tables instead.

Besides from the menus offered, this restaurant has a little bit of entertainment, live! There's a guy plays the keyboard/music instruments/whatever entertaining customers while waiting for the sungkai time.

The service, man, they are fast! Once you finished your plate, they'll just take it away for you. It's like eating in a hotel restaurant kinda service.

The only problem is the parking space. It has a very limited parking area but somehow the employers there will guide you where to park your car. Not only they do good food service there, they will handle the traffic for you when you wanna leave the the premise. So overall, I'll give this restaurant 7/10. I would recommend this restaurant for sungkai.

Price: Adults: B$7.50 Children (4-9 yo): B$4.50

The price is really worth for whatever you wanna stuff yourself with. I can guarantee you it's not just some lousy B$7.50/head buffet.

30 Aug 2009


Ok, today I went out for Sungkai with my QCians colleagues at Amanah Harith Jerudong. Well I'm just gonna write this brief because I'm way too tired now. Tomorrow, InsyaAllah, the FTO will do the full reviews on this restaurant.

29 Aug 2009

::Brain exercise::

Obviously the picture tells it all! This is the series of me brain-juicing today at work! Well, except the part of holding that fork and knife - I wasn't eating, just a symbol of telling that I'm hungry! Hehe. Another busy day doing a lot of critical thinking and decision for our section microbiology lab progress, which I think would be commenced by the end of this year. Hopefully. Because seriously I can't wait to pet all the related bugs ('microbiologically' speaking). Hehe. So today I was discussing, thinking, emailing my curiosities, checking out some bugs online, more reading, more thinking, and in the end feeling hungry. Hehe. But as usual, I enjoyed being busy with microbiology stuff. My very own term for this: I'm microbioholic!

::Chef of the day/FTO Log #016::

This entry is a combo of meself and the FTO

Few days ago, I posted my plan to try the buttermilk prawn recipe. My senior colleague who was also looking for the perfect recipe of the buttermilk had successfully tried it yesterday. He said the taste was so perfect that it beat the Nyonya Restaurant. Hehe. I only planned to try it today and I really did! After work, I went hunting for all the ingredients needed. I went to SKH Qlap, man! It was packed and crowded! Shopping baskets and carts were colliding with one another! Imagine how crowded was that!

When I arrived home, I immediately started preparing. Semangat eh! Hehe. The result: My colleague was right! and I'm so happy that it is exactly the taste that I'm craving for after all this time! It's a pure taste of buttermilk! And the best part - now I know how to prepare it. Yay me! Alhamdulillah. So once again I'd like to thank dapur-siti for providing the recipe for buttermilk lovers just like me and my colleague. For those of you who would like to give it a try, I can assure you the recipe provided by dapur-siti really a success. Go on, scoot-scoot, try it!

28 Aug 2009

::Replenishing the hobby::

It's been ages or so that I haven't involved myself on playing games online. Recently it just struck to me that I should start doing it again. My life is getting a bit quiet at the moment, plus that we have plenty of times to kill due to the fasting month and another reason is to de-stress myself from which now safely I can say a sort of busy season at work with lots of drug samples to be analyzed.

Before, I was so addicted in downloading games and stuff but that was so yesterday already. So what else is out there to browse or do with the net besides from checking out and updating blogs (mine, my family, my friends), downloading mp3 songs and torrent files, watching You Tube, googling stuff (I'm a curious wreck), reading news online, checking my mails, chatting on MSN, bla-bla-bla...I can't think of anything else out of this typical me stuff. Playing games online is my life now. Hehe.

26 Aug 2009

::What about u?::

It's the fifth day of fasting. I don't know why today I'm just way too weak, too hungry, too lousy with everything.

This is just my expression on how I feel at the moment. So hungry that I could eat the plate! Haha!

Hey, it's just the way I feel ok. I think everybody kinda have this thing happened to them once in a while jua... :)

25 Aug 2009

::Muffin for muffineers::

Ok, this shouldn't be right. I mean I shouldn't have posted this very early in the morning but it's for the sake of muffineers like myself and my bff. Hehe. I know her mom make the best muffins, yep I love it too. That's what I told her before, I should hang out more with your mom. Hehe. Anyways, I found this nice muffin when I was browsing through yesterday and somehow from this got the idea for my bff and her mom to try it out and as for meself try to improvise it.

On the left is the Nutella Banana Muffins. I've taken this pic out of its site here. Well looks easy right? All you need is the muffin, nutella and walnut - Make and bake the muffins, spread the nutella on top, place the walnut on top after u baked them and then Tadaaa!! There you have it! Hehe.

So m8, what say you?

24 Aug 2009

::Fasting at work::

Day 1:
Today we started working back after the nice 3 days holiday in honoring the fasting month this year. So it's Monday today, and by this hour - 9 am, it is...

But I can see my senior colleague is already assigned with a new tender drug to be analyzed. Ayayai!!!....this I think will be a disease. It will continue to spread from one colleague to another. Hmm, will update this later.

already... While not having much to go on with my microbiology progress so I was just surfing some recipes that I can plan to prepare for Sungkai later on. I found one good site and maybe it's not such a good idea to browse through it at this hour. Click here to go to the recipe site. You'll end up hungry just like me. Hehe.


I Still cannot decide for sungkai later. I found another good site. I will put it to a test around this week. It's actually a recipe for a buttermilk prawn/chicken. I love buttermilk prawn! I'm missing the buttermilk prawn at Bob's kitchen di Bandar, and the Nyonya Restaurant. Hehe. I've been longing to find out what was missing in my buttermilk sauce afterall this time. I have a perfect ingredient already with me all along, so I figured I was just mixing stuff in the wrong way, patutlah rasanya mcm terbalik jua, haha. I thank to this blog dapur-siti for the nice simple recipe. Indaku sabar kan mencuba ni. Harrharrharr!!!

23 Aug 2009


Obviously it was just 2 days of fasting and already I heard some badil popped out outside around my area. Seriously? Semangat looking forward to hari raya I think otherwise simply the pop sounds mean they are celebrating their successful puasa today. Hehe. Honestly, I'm not into it. I mean I never liked the idea of this badil thing, it's different thing with a real firework. I can get along watching fireworks and stuff like that but never liked the sound of badil popping out. It's just way too annoying and somehow it just can mean to distract the peaceful neighborhood. Well, that's how I feel - disturbing! Plus membari terkajut saja.

I know this kinda thing will continue for the next 5 weeks or so, believe me. It's always been like this afterall this year. I know people out there some are excited to looking forward for the raya, especially children and I wouldn't kill the fun that they are currently having but I just hope their parents reminded them just for the peace of the neighborhood especially playing late night. I remember last year, time sahur pun kedangaran org bemain badil. WTF??? Buleh??? Hmm, maybe I should post this in brudirect instead. Hehe!

22 Aug 2009


I opened my entry with that praise...

It's the holy fasting month and well, gladly I say 29 more days to go. Hehe. It's not that I'm counting just for the sake of waiting the hari raya to come, just technically counting it down in a way I managed to get through it with patience and just to get my spirit stronger and more stronger. I don't know why everytime the fasting month comes, I''ll always having the gastric. But that's why I said, Alhamdulillah that I managed to get through it today. Last night after sahur, I threw up. Completely the whole thing! I hope it will just be temporary this year because come on lah, I guess my tummy not yet get used to accepting a really after midnight meal. Well, it's just the first day afterall. Manja jua eh parut ani eh. Hehe. I think that's about it. Hope it will get used to it for the next 29 days or more because I'm thinking to do the puasa 6 this year, InsyaAllah. :) and my other aims - kan mengkhatamkan lagi my quran reading just like every year, which currently am at the 3rd Juz already. InsyaAllah.

p/s: Just so u know, am not that naughty! I keep my holy side in balance jua ;)

20 Aug 2009


It's confirmed that we will start fasting this Saturday. Wishing everyone to have a wonderful and blessed Ramadhan this year. May it bring more prosperity and joy to our lives now and hereafter, Amin.


DQCS: Tahlil and Cleaning Campaign Day

Today was kinda the last day that we kinda eat or feast at work before the fasting month, which the moon sighting is today and to be announced later.
So my section was having a little tahlil or a blessing recital this morning. I wasn't around that morning with couple of officers because I was attending a meeting regarding our pharmaceutical microbiology lab at the State lab in RIPASH.

To cut the story short, the menu was steam boat, packed with sea foods and stuff and little bit of broccoli and cauliflower. We invited other sections too for the occasion. Earlier that morning, before I went for the meeting, me and my senior colleague was busy in the kitchen chopping this and that, as ordered by our section chief cook mamamanie. Hehe. It was fun, like always a great team work that we managed to prepare everything for the cook to start cooking all.

It was pretty busy day again today, that in the afternoon we started our cleaning campaign especially on the lab side. Man! It was so tiring! We took an afternoon break a little late than our usual time. It was more like having a 2nd or 3rd go for the seafood feasting because we still have plenty of leftovers from that morning. So not to be surprised I'm still full at the moment. Hehe.
This year will be my 2nd year fasting and later after a month, celebrating the raya with the QCians. My 1st year last year was not that bad. Hehe.

Oh by the way, the logo up there, well that's the logo of our section's unofficial polo shirt. Everybody for the first time was wearing it today. Kinda cool, looked so nice and smart also glad that I was having part to design it and made it happen for the QCians. :) thehehe...I know it looks simple with just the wordings but somehow it's just cool that the QCians have something to remember or whatever eventually. Hehe.

19 Aug 2009


Wednesday is often referred to as "hump day" because of its position as the middle day of the work week. If the work week were a hill, then Wednesday would be the crest. It is all down hill from there. (Whether the down hill ride is a coast or a descent into a swamp is left to the individual.)

Sure right it is a down hill for me today at work. Well, kind of. Had another microbiology meet and it took me quite some times to figure out what and where was the last time we left the progress at! Eventually I came to sense - Oh! here it is! So it was another squeezing brain juice day for me. It was fun and good! Microbiology - will dedicate my life for it! Haha! Seriously!

18 Aug 2009


The picture tells it all! Hehe! Yep, today I'm just like the brown bear having big belly. Hehe. After a long busy week of doing drugs analysis, we finally got to relax a bit today. Since few more days it will be the fasting month, so we came up with the plan to eat ambuyat just like we did last year. I don't know how to put it up but somehow everytime the fasting month is nearer, then there are all these craving this and that food thoughts suddenly being mentioned. Not to let everybody kempunan and bla, bla, bla...so eventually we planned it to be today.

It's been quite a while I haven't had ambuyat so I really enjoyed myself having one today. I was so full I barely can breathe! My kain was tight and only god knows how it feels like. Hehe. I guess the QCians are just way too good when it comes to food and I'm just way too happy for it, which sooner or later it will transform me to be just like that brown bear!...Wait! I think I am already! Haha! Can I blame them? - Hell no! Haha.

Then in the afternoon, we were feasting again! The afternoon menu was rojak. I was still full from that morning feast but I just can't resist the rojak. The paste was good - having a sense of sweet and hot later and it's got turnip in it! My fav! Yummy! That's all we did today - eating! Well, eating is considered a job too especially for the QCians. Hehe! God blessed us all with the foods. :) Alhamdulillah.

::FTO Log #015::

Tarindak d' seni

Respectively, that was my 1st round, 2nd round and I ended it up with the porridge. Ok...Honestly, despite from having a very exclusive place and surrounding, the service is kinda slow and the foods....hmmm...I dunno lah what to say! Well, it won't be fair to judge everything is not nice there. I haven't tried any of its ala carte menus, this was just the buffet for Sundays for $8/head. I'll think twice to go dine there again.

17 Aug 2009

::Tiring Monday::

What can I say? I guess I'm just way too slow for Monday. Had a tiring weekdays last week and it just seemed to drag along til today. I was running two different tests again today, Spironolactone and Atenolol. Did the spironolactone test in the brink of lunchtime and soon I just carried on with the atenolol test. I finished up by 2.30 ish pm. Another busy Monday I think. I wasn't up for it, I mean I wasn't that hyper today, not really sure why. Just hoping I'll be up and about tomorrow. Oh, the annual personal appraisal is coming! Mine will be this coming Wednesday. I'll be assessed by a different senior officer this year. Ulalala! I hope it's all good because I've done pretty darn good progress for the section throughout the year, well apart from being the FTO for the section as well. Hehe.


Ok, I think I'll stick with this template for few months or so..this looks ok. so yummy! haha!

16 Aug 2009

::I'm bored::

In the search for a new blog template, well...let's just say I still could not find the one that suits me perfectly. Ok, other reason, I'm bored already with the current one. Hehe this is just temporary. will try to find and fix things tomorrow or whenever coz I'm really really exhausted and sleepy now.

::Early Sunday Morning::

Restaurant Tarindak d' Seni

This morning me and my whole big family went out for breakfast at Tarindak Restaurant located in Bandar, just near the Pusat Kesenian Brunei (or is it exactly there, hehe not sure).
The place look so exclusive and all, the view of the water village and the blue river/sea/whatever kinda soothing when you happen to see it in the morning.
The breakfast was actually celebrating my aunt's 50th birthday earlier this month, and wow, we did have fun gathering as always.
Hmm, I wonder what Tarindak means???

Coming up: The FTO reviews on the Tarindak's menus!

::FTO Log #14::

Birthday party: Menu by Mamamanie

Ok, these are some of the menus from last birthday party of her daughters. I really like the sheperd's pie, so delicious! I was going like 3 rounds on the pie! Hehe! And oh! Love the cheese cake! It was so rich with cheeeeeeeeeezzzz on the top! I made double orders for this cake for hari raya this year. Really can't wait but simply I just can request her to do it for me anytime. But I'll just wait for the raya. Others on the pic were her cocktail tarts and bingka durian. All were very nice and delicious indeed!

14 Aug 2009

::Birthday party::

Today I went to my friend's daughters birthday party.
One is having her 7th birthday and the other is having her 4th birthday. It wasn't the party that is fun, (well to all the kids, it is!) but to me it's the food! Yay! - Will review it once I get the pics from my friend tmorrow.

Then I found the cutest little kid ever at the party! She's pure cute, have chubby face, blushy cheek...wow...I wanna have a kid like this! ....tapi NANTI laa! not now.hehe. Her name is Amanda. Nice name, sweet cute face - a perfect one!

13 Aug 2009

::What was and would be::

Thank god! I'm done with Atenolol analysis today, made use of my lunchtime hoping I can finish it a bit early then I can have a little rest because since morning, my back is so aching already. By 2.40 pm, I'm so glad it's over! Later on, me boss assigned me with another new drugs to be tested this Saturday.....................Ulala!!! Ok, I wanna look at this in a good way: I'm just proactive! Yay me!

12 Aug 2009


My rough week at work continued today. With series of drying and filtrating of my samples, well it feels like forever. I hope by tomorrow I can run all my test already and quickly get over with it. It's been 3 days in a row I went to bed early than my usual bedtime. Why Atenolol, why?! Why are you just complicated to test?!

And I think I have grudge on the BP monograph as well. I don't know why it's hard for them to make the procedures to be in clauses format instead of cramping it all in one long confusing paragraph! Hmph! I had to break down everything in numbering format just not to make myself getting more stressful. Ok, maybe that's why they called it monograph, otherwise it will be something like operating procedures, but STILL!!!Nag, nag, nag! Oh well...I'm just way too exhausted today.

11 Aug 2009

::Rough week::

Phew! Although it's a good thing for me but honestly it's really a rough week for me at work. With lots and lots of tender drug samples to be analyzed, well all those long procedures and preparation with limited time to do it just made it so stressful.

Need I say more?

Better not.

9 Aug 2009

::Accident prone::

Or was it I'm just way too clumsy?

Ok, here are just some of my "been there, done that" list. well, it's more like "accidentally been there, accidentally done that" list. Let see...Once...

I almost broke my arms. It happened twice in different years!
I almost broke my spine while enjoying roller-blading!
I almost lost my index finger at work while butchering!
I almost burned my other finger when a hot melted glue accidentally dropped onto it!
I almost got myself blind when a sanitizer splashed right into my eyes!

Somehow I managed to survive all that just fine, of course with scars and only god knows what else! I guess I've ''accidentally" added one more accident in my "accidentally been there, accidentally done that" list. This morning I almost lost my tiny finger! I was chopping some potatoes and I almost chopped my tiny finger. The cut was so deep that I was bleeding like hell! It's just about at this hour that it finally stopped bleeding. Phew!!!! So...sh*t happens or I'm just clumsy - I let you decide.

::FTO Log #013::

Another weekend, another dine-out

Wow! I didn't realize that it has been 3 weeks in a row I was dining out every weekend! My food quest partner, who else but my fiance! Hehe. Last night we went to Singa Chicken Rice (SCR) at TB (as my bff abbreviated it) because I was actually craving for its fried kuew teow! Hehe, we were meant to watch G.I.Joe at Empire but it was kinda full house so we changed the plan to just dine out -- again.

Well, I guess I'm having my PMS that should nicely explain why I'm craving to eat this and that like there's no tomorrow! The last time I went to SCR was with my bff, I was ordering the same dish as lastnight. I guess I just wanted to make it alright again because the last time when I had it, I was sick and I wasn't enjoying it as it was tasteless to my taste bud. Hehe

Another new menu that I tried lastnight was the vegs kailan with the oyster sauce. So yummy I almost rejected my kuew teow and just eat that instead! Hehe. Hmm, maybe I should try to make it on my own next time, try to figure out if it's gonna have the same taste as what they prepared. I could feel the sensational taste of it right now. Hmm, yummy! Ok, I think I should stop here!

::FTO Log #012::

Weekend treat @ KFC

I'm meant to add in this entry like last week but I've totally forgotten to upload the pic from my hand phone. I only remembered it today. This was last weekend when I was going out with my fiance and we decided to have KFC for dinner.
This is my favorite dish set that I always order whenever I stop by at KFC. Never get bored of it! The cheezy wedges is one of my favorite too but I didn't order it that night. Once in a while I thought this should be enough already for my dinner. Hehe. Strange but that's the fact! :)

7 Aug 2009


My addiction to note books/diaries/journals

These are some notebooks that I owned so far altogether 22 of them. Some are as old as 5 years or older than that. I got it from various countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Auckland, which was either given or I bought it for myself and some are given to me as gifts. Nowadays I hardly bought myself more books even though it's hard to resist whenever I see them at any stores bcuz I need to save some cash for other important things such as foods. Hehe. I sealed each one of them nicely and I keep some in a box and on my book rack. I'm hoping that one day I can build a nice store to keep all of them and wishing it would worth priceless or something. My addiction won't stop here, let just say I'm just having a break for the time being. :)

::It started with this::

The growing pains of Adrian Mole

This is the storybook I read like 10 years ago. This was the first story book that I enjoyed reading bcuz it was written in a diary-style and my bff recommended this to me when we were browsing books through the college library 10 years ago. Wow, it sure brings back sweet funny memories of college years. Wheee! :D

::Thank god it's friday!::

Alhamdulillah Friday comes again! After a rough day at work yesterday I decided to make my Friday worthy with less chores and more relaxation. I woke up at 7 this morning, had a brief breakfast, did my laundry and finished doing it around 8 something. I tried to go back to bed but am just not sleepy anymore. So currently I'm just doing movie marathon watching movies that I've downloaded last week while still leeching 2 seasons of a tv series for my BFF. I don't feel like going out today, besides it looks like it's gonna rain outside (hopefully) and I just wanna stay in bed and force myself to take a nap regardless if it rains or not. I just want to be lazy today, well trying. Let see if I can make it throughout the day. Hehe.

::My sore aching feet!::

It was like a jump-start for me yesterday at work. I finally had given the task to do one of the drug analysis (It is believed it will broaden my expertise in analytical chemistry since I'm more into microbiology area - so I've been told!) After few months of kinda slow-paced office/lab environment without any samples to be analyzed, I have to say yesterday the entire staff were blistering our butts doing analysis. Hehe

I was to do an essay test on chlorpheniramine tablets and it was my first time doing it. Honestly, I hate chemistry and I hate doing essay tests but it's not like I have a choice to say no. Maybe I have but it'll be bad for my reputation. Hehe. Of all the drugs analysis that I've done ever since I got this job, I have to say this chlorpheniramine is the longest of all!

What started in the morning got extended to my lunchtime and eventually got further extended to the afternoon until just about 10 mins left before office hours is over. Phew! If I calculated the time correctly, I have stood 6 hours straight! I just felt sorry for my feet. I was doing fine in the morning but as it got further and further the pain was killing me!

Now I'm writing in technical format: The essay test involves series of extraction, I guess around 6 - 9 times. (I don't remember bcuz I'm over it at this moment) I had to do 3 essays test in total of the same drug. The extraction requires a consistent/vigorous manual shaking after mixing this and that to separate the layers. One extraction will take up to maximum time of 3 mins of manual shaking. Okay, you thought that's not so bad but get this: If one extraction caused me 3 mins, and I have about 9 times of doing the same thing multiply that with 3 essays then it'll be equals to me having a buffy right arms (it was like an extreme workout!) and me going banana and still having sore feet! Well, that's what happened yesterday.

Things just got crazy and tense in the afternoon that me and my colleague still struggling to finish our analysis in time. Nobody wants to do OT and it's unusual here to have one. I allowed my imagination to run wild while I was 'arms-shaking' bcuz it was so damn tiring and boring. I thought this kind of technique is a shadow of an aerobic exercise movement or either way! Get me some musics, I'll dance to it while extracting! Seriously I did dance and at the back of my mind I was like 'Ok, I'm actually exercising, burn some fats, burn some fats...!" Obviously the fats that I'll definitely burn is only on my right arms! Haha!

Luckily our senior colleagues and my boss were there to help us out to finish things off. What at the beginning being as individual analysis ended up to be a team work thing. One thing that we are thankful to be girl/ladies/women is that guys will eventually come to the rescue! Thanks to my boss and our senior colleagues for helping us out doing the cleaning and the bench mess that we made throughout the whole process. We were being pampered! Yay! I bet my colleague was also really thankful because she was actually fasting yesterday.

Despite the crazy day of a nonstop work, I'm just glad that I was in it to experience it all. I wouldn't call it as my worst lab experience but it sure was one hell of a experience and somehow I managed to survive! I was walking like a zombie when I got home, my feet was still aching. But above all, if in the near future we would have the same drug to be tested again, call me crazy but I really want to do it again! I just love to be fully occupied at work even though I dislike chemistry, it's the experience that I'm interested in! (So that I can add to my "been there, done that" list!)

3 Aug 2009

::FTO Log #011::

Another favorite dish - It's the rojak again. Hehe. When we had our outing yesterday, before we catch up the proposal movie, my BFF and I went for a brunch at Wywy restaurant. Well, for me it was a brunch, I forgot to ask my BFF if she already had breakfast earlier so otherwise it was her lunch then, hehe, doesn't matter now. My BFF also likes to eat rojak but she isn't gonna stuff all of it, she just like to pick the cucumbers and the rest of it is history for me. Hehe. I don't know if I got that right. Easiest way to say is she just ate the cucumbers and left the rest of the combos for me to stuff it all. Ok, besides from being hyper and a food lover, I am also known as the black hole bcuz I have the super power to eat just about anything and anytime! Hehe, wow...that's no longer my hidden talent. :)

Just like me, we fancy much the paste for this dish. However, it was just kinda hot for my taste bud as I can't stand hot and spicy foods. It was burning in my throat! By the time we reached Empire Cinema, the burns came down to my stomach. Haha! Lucky for me I didn't end up going to the loo and missing much of the exciting movie.

As the FTO, there are 3 restaurants that serves the best rojak that I know of and have eaten so far...

#1. Lee Loi Fat
#2. Nyonya Restaurant
#3. Wywy Restaurant
#4. KK Koya??? (Hehe, it has been a long time...)

2 Aug 2009

::Sunday outing::

Today me and my bff went out for the movie that we can't wait to watch - The Proposal. :D I have to say it was a very funny and romantic movie so far this year. Oh well, what is it not to love about Sandra Bullock? Hehe. Her acting is always that good. We watched at Empire Cinema some time at noon. Talking about the cinema itself, well I'm a proud member of the cinema :D It took me a while to notice it. If it wasn't mentioned to me when I booked for the last movie that I watched last month: Harry Potter 6, I wouldn't know until now. They should have came up with the membership system like 3 years ago or something where my fiance and I regularly almost every month go there to catch up whatsoever movies they show! Then I would have collected thousand of points to this date. Oh well.

After we watched the movie, we went to a bookstore and guess what, I got the third diary of a wimpy kid! Yay! This time I bought it for myself, Hehe. Now I'm waiting for one more of its very own but in DIY-style story and I bet I'll be looking forward to have the fourth diary as it says in the 3rd book that it's coming soon.

This month is a brand new start for me and my bff to go for outing again like we used to do before. We had talked about this during our bff annv. and we agreed that we will have at least a day or so each month to spend together with [go watch movies, eating out, shopping, flirting (hmm, hehe) and all] We made it as a monthly basis now but I prefer it's a compulsory. Hehe, kan m8? Well, as always I had fun today m8 and I hope you do too. :D Next month sungkai di luar tani aah! I mean di kadai/restaurant. Hehe...and bring a partner!!! :p


Finally! Ok, I think I just finalized with this template as it's kinda fit me just nice for someone who loves journal. Well I tend to get bored easily but this satisfied me so far. :) I'm tired now so will be back writing in later hopefully.

::under construction::

Later: Will try to beautify and update it. fix this and that :)

Now: Ok, this crumpled paper template will do for the time being.

Before: My blog is under construction at the moment. So it's back with two 2 cols style, hehe will later try to decide which templates to be used, or otherwise I just go back to its original style if I can't figure just how to do...(hmmm..unusual that I don't know how) hehe considered that I am blur this am