9 Aug 2009

::FTO Log #013::

Another weekend, another dine-out

Wow! I didn't realize that it has been 3 weeks in a row I was dining out every weekend! My food quest partner, who else but my fiance! Hehe. Last night we went to Singa Chicken Rice (SCR) at TB (as my bff abbreviated it) because I was actually craving for its fried kuew teow! Hehe, we were meant to watch G.I.Joe at Empire but it was kinda full house so we changed the plan to just dine out -- again.

Well, I guess I'm having my PMS that should nicely explain why I'm craving to eat this and that like there's no tomorrow! The last time I went to SCR was with my bff, I was ordering the same dish as lastnight. I guess I just wanted to make it alright again because the last time when I had it, I was sick and I wasn't enjoying it as it was tasteless to my taste bud. Hehe

Another new menu that I tried lastnight was the vegs kailan with the oyster sauce. So yummy I almost rejected my kuew teow and just eat that instead! Hehe. Hmm, maybe I should try to make it on my own next time, try to figure out if it's gonna have the same taste as what they prepared. I could feel the sensational taste of it right now. Hmm, yummy! Ok, I think I should stop here!

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