22 Aug 2009


I opened my entry with that praise...

It's the holy fasting month and well, gladly I say 29 more days to go. Hehe. It's not that I'm counting just for the sake of waiting the hari raya to come, just technically counting it down in a way I managed to get through it with patience and just to get my spirit stronger and more stronger. I don't know why everytime the fasting month comes, I''ll always having the gastric. But that's why I said, Alhamdulillah that I managed to get through it today. Last night after sahur, I threw up. Completely the whole thing! I hope it will just be temporary this year because come on lah, I guess my tummy not yet get used to accepting a really after midnight meal. Well, it's just the first day afterall. Manja jua eh parut ani eh. Hehe. I think that's about it. Hope it will get used to it for the next 29 days or more because I'm thinking to do the puasa 6 this year, InsyaAllah. :) and my other aims - kan mengkhatamkan lagi my quran reading just like every year, which currently am at the 3rd Juz already. InsyaAllah.

p/s: Just so u know, am not that naughty! I keep my holy side in balance jua ;)

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