12 Aug 2009


My rough week at work continued today. With series of drying and filtrating of my samples, well it feels like forever. I hope by tomorrow I can run all my test already and quickly get over with it. It's been 3 days in a row I went to bed early than my usual bedtime. Why Atenolol, why?! Why are you just complicated to test?!

And I think I have grudge on the BP monograph as well. I don't know why it's hard for them to make the procedures to be in clauses format instead of cramping it all in one long confusing paragraph! Hmph! I had to break down everything in numbering format just not to make myself getting more stressful. Ok, maybe that's why they called it monograph, otherwise it will be something like operating procedures, but STILL!!!Nag, nag, nag! Oh well...I'm just way too exhausted today.


iantie said...

Why Atenolol? Hmmm...do u know that ramai penduduk d brunei ani yg hypertensive kana start on w atenolol dulu. so, it's a very important medicine that u guys need to check throughly so that bruneians are safe and healthy! whahahaha! *mcm bnr saja aku ah*

take it eazy m8! at least kau sibuk once in a while sja but me??? bz memanjang! f ada masa terluang, baru tah tejangkau paperworks ;(

ilikeseven said...

m8, u are the expert in drugs uses and stuff so won't argue much with it while I just do the QC of it, hehe. I know it's just once in a while m8 but going through the test udah kan membagi ku hbp jua, haha. What u saw when u came over was the simplest of it, the hardest and longest part came later and it drove me keeerrrrrazzzy!Hehe but glad it was over! Phew!

iantie said...

Hehe...no sweat la tu m8! the experiences that counts, bnr nda? at least, been ter, done that - as u kept on saying..hehe

ilikeseven said...

haha! awu banar! Hmmm..I should have said like this: been there, done that with nagging. hehe :P