2 Aug 2009

::Sunday outing::

Today me and my bff went out for the movie that we can't wait to watch - The Proposal. :D I have to say it was a very funny and romantic movie so far this year. Oh well, what is it not to love about Sandra Bullock? Hehe. Her acting is always that good. We watched at Empire Cinema some time at noon. Talking about the cinema itself, well I'm a proud member of the cinema :D It took me a while to notice it. If it wasn't mentioned to me when I booked for the last movie that I watched last month: Harry Potter 6, I wouldn't know until now. They should have came up with the membership system like 3 years ago or something where my fiance and I regularly almost every month go there to catch up whatsoever movies they show! Then I would have collected thousand of points to this date. Oh well.

After we watched the movie, we went to a bookstore and guess what, I got the third diary of a wimpy kid! Yay! This time I bought it for myself, Hehe. Now I'm waiting for one more of its very own but in DIY-style story and I bet I'll be looking forward to have the fourth diary as it says in the 3rd book that it's coming soon.

This month is a brand new start for me and my bff to go for outing again like we used to do before. We had talked about this during our bff annv. and we agreed that we will have at least a day or so each month to spend together with [go watch movies, eating out, shopping, flirting (hmm, hehe) and all] We made it as a monthly basis now but I prefer it's a compulsory. Hehe, kan m8? Well, as always I had fun today m8 and I hope you do too. :D Next month sungkai di luar tani aah! I mean di kadai/restaurant. Hehe...and bring a partner!!! :p


iantie said...

bring a partner?? hmmm...what does that means? *just being plain ignorance* hehehe :P

iantie said...

GeeZ m8! love ur new layout! bah....aku bila? hehehe

ilikeseven said...

Bah, bila kau mau??? servisku opens 24/7 x aa..juz menunggu ur greenlight saja lagi hehe.juz let me know, I'll come as a flash...woooh!! hehe