3 Aug 2009

::FTO Log #011::

Another favorite dish - It's the rojak again. Hehe. When we had our outing yesterday, before we catch up the proposal movie, my BFF and I went for a brunch at Wywy restaurant. Well, for me it was a brunch, I forgot to ask my BFF if she already had breakfast earlier so otherwise it was her lunch then, hehe, doesn't matter now. My BFF also likes to eat rojak but she isn't gonna stuff all of it, she just like to pick the cucumbers and the rest of it is history for me. Hehe. I don't know if I got that right. Easiest way to say is she just ate the cucumbers and left the rest of the combos for me to stuff it all. Ok, besides from being hyper and a food lover, I am also known as the black hole bcuz I have the super power to eat just about anything and anytime! Hehe, wow...that's no longer my hidden talent. :)

Just like me, we fancy much the paste for this dish. However, it was just kinda hot for my taste bud as I can't stand hot and spicy foods. It was burning in my throat! By the time we reached Empire Cinema, the burns came down to my stomach. Haha! Lucky for me I didn't end up going to the loo and missing much of the exciting movie.

As the FTO, there are 3 restaurants that serves the best rojak that I know of and have eaten so far...

#1. Lee Loi Fat
#2. Nyonya Restaurant
#3. Wywy Restaurant
#4. KK Koya??? (Hehe, it has been a long time...)


iantie said...

Yup m8! you got that ryte. I ate all the cucumber and left the rest for you..hehe! I love timun! hehe! and to answer ur question, I had my quickie breakfast, so it's a lunch for me =)

ilikeseven said...

Hehe! Maybe next time m8 we just order rojak that fills with only timun & turnips saja kali bisai..hehe that's a perfect combo jua just like timon & pumba, haha! cuz that's all we gonna eat anyways. Suspense eh, kirtah quickie on apa...not until I saw the word breakfast below there. Hehe :P