7 Aug 2009


My addiction to note books/diaries/journals

These are some notebooks that I owned so far altogether 22 of them. Some are as old as 5 years or older than that. I got it from various countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Auckland, which was either given or I bought it for myself and some are given to me as gifts. Nowadays I hardly bought myself more books even though it's hard to resist whenever I see them at any stores bcuz I need to save some cash for other important things such as foods. Hehe. I sealed each one of them nicely and I keep some in a box and on my book rack. I'm hoping that one day I can build a nice store to keep all of them and wishing it would worth priceless or something. My addiction won't stop here, let just say I'm just having a break for the time being. :)

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