31 Aug 2009

::A lousy start::

Honestly, I had quite a lousy Monday today. I couldn't sleep well last night and had my late meal for the fasting at about 1 am (which is considered way too early). I wanna put my tummy into a different test this time, see if it could work that I don't have to throw up every time after I had my late meal every night for this fasting month. Sadly it didn't work, I threw up anyway. I was planning to get up again around 3 am just to fill my tummy with plenty of water but somehow I was already in a deep sleep.

When I got up this morning, it was already 7.15 am! Man, I'm so late for work! Waking up knowing that I was late for work wasn't really my main problem (well it was a problem, but a minor one). I was just worrying about the traffic jam that I'm going to face soon and yep, I was stuck in it! Going through the heavy traffic jam made me feeling dreadful. It was raining heavily as well this morning, and when it rains like today, commuting will be even much more slower! It took me forever to reach work. Cars just moved an inch by inch! Imagine how slow was the traffic!

I was stuck in the traffic jam for merely 1 hour. I finally reached work almost to 9 am! Luckily this is like my first time. I'm never late for work before, not this late though. Like my bff said, there's always a first time for everything. Well, there you have it - My first time being really late for work. Hehe. I considered myself as a good and proactive staff, so it's best to know that I'm not close to be nominated as the late comer or to be chewed out by my big boss for showing up late for work. -- No, thank you!

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