29 Aug 2009

::Chef of the day/FTO Log #016::

This entry is a combo of meself and the FTO

Few days ago, I posted my plan to try the buttermilk prawn recipe. My senior colleague who was also looking for the perfect recipe of the buttermilk had successfully tried it yesterday. He said the taste was so perfect that it beat the Nyonya Restaurant. Hehe. I only planned to try it today and I really did! After work, I went hunting for all the ingredients needed. I went to SKH Qlap, man! It was packed and crowded! Shopping baskets and carts were colliding with one another! Imagine how crowded was that!

When I arrived home, I immediately started preparing. Semangat eh! Hehe. The result: My colleague was right! and I'm so happy that it is exactly the taste that I'm craving for after all this time! It's a pure taste of buttermilk! And the best part - now I know how to prepare it. Yay me! Alhamdulillah. So once again I'd like to thank dapur-siti for providing the recipe for buttermilk lovers just like me and my colleague. For those of you who would like to give it a try, I can assure you the recipe provided by dapur-siti really a success. Go on, scoot-scoot, try it!


iantie said...

m8! m not a big fan of buttermilk prawn but i LOVEEEEEE mango chicken tapi alum ada yg ngam w my taste bud...hehe *hint*hint* if you get wat i meant! hahaha

sebatah m sick ani, my appetite gone and i lost 2kgs!!!! hmmmm.....

ilikeseven said...

wah!! a successful diet aa but not healthy. hehe I envy for that kilos! hehe bah, i'll try to dig more on that. once i did, will let u know m8. This is my vow: "I, hereby, the FTO will quest for the perfect mango chicken recipe according to my bff's taste bud."

iantie said...

love u m8!!! muahhhzzzz! hehehe