17 Aug 2009

::Tiring Monday::

What can I say? I guess I'm just way too slow for Monday. Had a tiring weekdays last week and it just seemed to drag along til today. I was running two different tests again today, Spironolactone and Atenolol. Did the spironolactone test in the brink of lunchtime and soon I just carried on with the atenolol test. I finished up by 2.30 ish pm. Another busy Monday I think. I wasn't up for it, I mean I wasn't that hyper today, not really sure why. Just hoping I'll be up and about tomorrow. Oh, the annual personal appraisal is coming! Mine will be this coming Wednesday. I'll be assessed by a different senior officer this year. Ulalala! I hope it's all good because I've done pretty darn good progress for the section throughout the year, well apart from being the FTO for the section as well. Hehe.

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