31 Aug 2009

::FTO Log #017::

Breaking the fast at Amanah Harith Restaurant, Jerudong

As I've posted last night, so I will review about this restaurant now.

The buffet menus - well, lots and lots of them! The restaurant set up a food camp-site outside as another additional partition due to the fasting month. The extended tables on the corners were fulled with various kind of full course menus starting with 2 different type of rice, dates, and of course all those chickens, fishes, veges, and all those noodles.

They categorized different kind of meal course (soups, desserts, drinks, etc) at different tables around the room, which is convenient and easier to take first whatever you wanted to have. However, the place inside is a bit small and when you reserved for more than 20 people, they won't put your crews in one long extended table as expected. It would be like you're reserving 2 round tables instead.

Besides from the menus offered, this restaurant has a little bit of entertainment, live! There's a guy plays the keyboard/music instruments/whatever entertaining customers while waiting for the sungkai time.

The service, man, they are fast! Once you finished your plate, they'll just take it away for you. It's like eating in a hotel restaurant kinda service.

The only problem is the parking space. It has a very limited parking area but somehow the employers there will guide you where to park your car. Not only they do good food service there, they will handle the traffic for you when you wanna leave the the premise. So overall, I'll give this restaurant 7/10. I would recommend this restaurant for sungkai.

Price: Adults: B$7.50 Children (4-9 yo): B$4.50

The price is really worth for whatever you wanna stuff yourself with. I can guarantee you it's not just some lousy B$7.50/head buffet.

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