28 Oct 2009

::Help desk - Help me!::

How hard can it be?
Sorting things out, organize all the files, do the filings, arrange them nicely in the cabinet, copy this and that. - Simple as that!

Our clerk was on sick leave, and nobody is there to relief her. I've been asked to help clear her desk. I don't mind to help but I'm lost in there! I feel kinda useless, hehe.

I don't know, I'm not into these secretarial works and I spent long enough to do one simple task. Wow, secretarial job is really a challenging job. Those secretaries out there, I salute you!

I messed up - help me!

27 Oct 2009

::The curious case of my cat::

I have a cat that doesn't meow or purr. But she squeals like a sea lion, seriously! Hehe.

One time I tried to train her say meeee.....ooow. She stared at me as if I'm retarded. Ok, it didn't work!

Not even the vet got the answer why she can't meow.

So I'm petting 5 cats and 1 sea lion. Too bad she doesn't do acrobatic tricks. She would have been great for the local circus. Hehe.

25 Oct 2009

::The blurs::

I went dining out with my fiance last night at the Thai Food Restaurant that serves the unique heart-shaped rice...

Me: So what do you think about this rice?
Him: It's still taste the same....It is not?
Me: Huh...you think it taste differently?
Him: Huh...
Me: ......? *Blink-blink*
Him: .......? *continues eating*

Ok, there you go. Not so romantic! Guys! Sheesh! Haha!

::My Random curiosity no.2::

Why they never put a wiper on motorcycle helmet? or a mini automated umbrella mounted on the top? or at least invent a helmet that can solve the rain problem whenever motorcyclist is on the road.

::That's what I call a vacation::

I posted like a week ago about my December vacation to Hongkong and China...
Now... *drum rolls* there's something else to that.

I'm already all excited to go for my vacation when my boss told me she'll be sending me on a training course that early December too! This happened last week and I was worrying.

I mean, it's like I'm in the middle of a crossroad. My soon China trip is less important but somehow I've already reserved my ticket for it and that training IS the training that I've been wanting to have after all these years! To cancel the ticket will cost me some extra bloody charges, and to reject the training, I'll be useless!

Yesterday I finally got the updates on that training schedules. Guess what? This is what I soon figured out:

I will be going to 3 different countries within that December! Weeee!!! :D
Go to Hongkong and China, return home, stay for 3 days then fly again to Malaysia, will be back home exactly on Christmas day.
If I calculated correctly, I'm only working for a week that December (3 days early, 4 days by end of the month) - SWEET! :D

Thank god the almighty, I'm blessed :)

24 Oct 2009


I had a long day today, so exhausted can't blog right now....
I do have...(yawn)... few things to blog about though... but I'm...(yawn again)... just gonna do it.............Zzzz (asleep)....

21 Oct 2009

::My random curiosity::

Ok this may sounds silly...
Somehow I believe there's life out there...
I wonder if they blog too and how? Hehe

::FTO Log # 020::

The Thai Food Restaurant

Today I went out for lunch with my BFF to celebrate her 28th birthday. Seriously, I was running out of ideas where to take her for lunch. I mean we've been to many cafes and restaurants throughout the years - the coolest cafes, the bloody expensive restaurants, the budget cafes, the worst cafes, the nicest cafes...but we don't have any specific cafe or restaurant to be of our favorite.

Finally some colleagues of mine suggested one particular place just 20 minutes drive from our work place in town. I know my BFF loves the Tomyam (Thai specialty dish) so we finally found the place. It's pretty cool to know how they serve you with the heart shaped rice. That's something new for her birthday this year. :) Thank god it's not red, otherwise I'll give it a second thought to eat it! Hehe.

Anyway, I'm not really a big fan of the Tomyam. It's too spicy and sometimes hot but I'm willing to try any kind after all that's part of my job as the FTO. :) I was surprised this Thai restaurant serves the most delicious Tomyam...so far. I took few sips and started to like it. It's not too spicy but it's quite concentrated for a soup. For once, I enjoyed having the Tomyam. Too bad I was kinda full when we got there. Big mistake - I shouldn't have had such a heavy tea break earlier that morning! Haha! Now for sure this Thai Food restaurant will be in my nice restaurants list. I'll bring my fiance there and see what he has to say about that heart shaped rice. Hehe..

::BFF's Birthday::

Today is my BFF birthday!
Blow your candles now there! Hehe.
Should I announce your age here? ;) -- 28!

This special greeting goes to her...
m8, I know you're a mushy type so I won't be too personal to wish you here. :P (whether I'll say in Malay or English, you'll cry anyway! haha!) I'm glad we had the short celebration today during lunch but I promise will make it up to you later end of this month. Sorry I didn't prepare you anything much for your birthday this time (I'm working on it! :P) It's never to late to celebrate, right? After all you got 1 year until your next birthday. I'll try to find some hot guys for the celebration. Haha! Got anyone specific? Hehe.

Wishing you have a lovely birthday today m8, glad to know that we're celebrating it together again along the beautiful 11 years of friendship :) And this is my first time to blog about your birthday! Yay me! Hehe.

Will always love you m8, hugs and kisses! MWAH!

19 Oct 2009


It's Monday today but I don't know why it feels like Saturday.
So wonderful! :D

I went back to work today, the boss is not around, he's going out station for a week. Yay! We are free! :D
Seriously, I don't know how to occupy my time now. Hmm..(thinking hard)

18 Oct 2009

::The Rubik's cube::

Can you solve all sides of the Rubik's cube?

I can only solved one side. Few times my fiance taught me the tricks how to solve all the 6 sides, obviously I'm not good at it and easily get pissed trying. Hehe. Today I played with it again, it's been a while sitting there on my shelf. Oh well it took me forever to solve one side this time. Haha! I've totally lost the touch. The brain got twisted again. But this cube will always be my favorite toy of all time. Still wants to keep it as a sentimental value. Hehe.

::Guess what::

352 photos, 11 audio tracks, 3 hours spent editing, 1 software used, 3 different type of drinks consumed, 6 times went to pee, 3.6 GB space used, 39 minutes running time, 1 negligent crime committed against Core 2 Quad (my fighting fish - forgot to feed him today), 35 minutes spent to burn DVD. For once, I'm not lousy with numbers! Hehe.
These are all the cost of creating video photo show of my family last month events.

Oh, what a cute geek I am! Hehe!

17 Oct 2009

::Lovely Saturday::

Ok! Obviously I'm no longer grumpy. I'm still on my sick leave today and I should continue my rest but today I'm invited to my former work place for the Eid celebration. It's a beautiful Saturday morning that it rains so nice, I'm thankful for that.

It's great to be back and visit all the ex'es (ex-boss, ex-colleagues, ex-having grudge on, hehe) I think I haven't dropped by visiting them quite a long time so in a way I really miss them. I guess they missed me that much too! Hehe! Some says I'm getting chubby while other thinks I'm putting down some weight! Haha so many thoughts there but it's all good, I can't be bothered that much. They know that I'm very jolly!

I didn't really eat that much (Surprise!) instead I'm enjoying the day catching up with my friends with the latest juicy stories and updates. Hehe. If I listed it down, yup a very long list indeed! Anyway, I took the chance to check out what's new inside the Microbiology lab where I used to work for 4 hectic years. I was amazed to check out some of my hard works are still there, still posted up on the white board as their routine references. I was even surprised to know they still use some of my pens that I left behind when I left the lab almost 3 years ago! Hehe. Even shocked when those pens are not yet running out of inks! Haha! But I feel very-very-very honored! They remember me in so many ways (good, bad, good and bad, good...good...more good ways!)
Aah, it brings back the memories of working there...Hmm

I really like my old job as doing the foods QC (that's why I love foods so much!) The reason why I left is because I got a better position and offered somewhere else. Now I'm doing the Drug QC, Hehe. Well ok, at least I'm still in the Quality Control World!

It's one of my good Saturdays today, actually a great one. :)

::Me and those trucks::

Miss grumpy on the road

One thing I never understood - What is it with me and trucks?!
It happens every time when I'm on the road! Whenever I seemed to be in a hurry or better yet, tries so hard to be at my desired destination on time, there is always truck to delay me!

Oh, I really hate when trucks are in front of me on the road. Too, I always hardly ever got the chance to overtake them! They are every where on the same route as mine. Garbage truck, trailer truck, flatbed truck, the pickup, concrete transport truck, log carrier truck - Arghh! And they are very slooowww! I'd be enjoying myself if the truck happens to be one of those transformers...

Am I jinx with trucks? Or maybe I'm just truly a truck-magnet??? Hmm....

15 Oct 2009

::Officially sick!::

I should be in bed by now taking my rest. Somehow after taking the prescribed medications, hmm...it doesn't seems to take effect at all! I was given Tamiflu - the med my BFF says will have you feeling all dizzy and nausea, just like a pregnant woman will experience. Hehe. I guess I've failed to have those sensation except for kinda like wanna vomit. But I believed that's the cause of my extreme coughing...

One thing I hate the most about sick is the cough. I realized I was in my 4th stage of my typical sickness last night. When I'm sick, first I'd have the tonsilitis, then comes the runny nose, third the sore throat, 4th the cough and the 5th all of above to the max! Before I got myself to the fifth level, I went to see the doctor today.

I had to swab my throat this morning. Just a routine check up measure to prevent the H1N1 flu and they will tell me the result after 3 days. I hope nothing serious, just a regular flu *finger crossed*
At the bright side, I was given 3 days MC, yay! Hehe. I'm going back to work on Monday but I remember the doctor asked me to come back for a review and if I'm not yet recovered by Monday, he will give me another extended 2 days of MC. Wow - so nice! Seriously, I wanna be hyper, alive and kicking soon!

We were having the Eid Office Feasting today at work. Before I got home, I stayed in to eat. So many delicious menus to eat actually (Surprise! Even when I'm sick, I still have my appetite! Hehe) I wasn't up to take the photo of all the foods served, just my glass full of water up there. That's because that's the ONLY drink I'm allowed to have! Oww...No cold water, no Pepsi, just warm water. I'm obliged to have it anyways.

I've given 5 different medications but now I'm sooo wondering why none of the med has gotten me to feel drowsy (my own version - sleepyhead!)? I'm so wide awake like nothing happen. Oh! On second thought - those meds made me HIGH!

Note to BFF: M8, I know you're reading this, explain to me! Hehe, because you are the expert while I just do the quality control of it. Before you shout at me, just so you know - I left my medications guide dictionary at the office. Hehe.

Now if the med failed to give me whatsoever effects it should have been, well I guess I should be back blogging. Hehe. We'll see ;)

13 Oct 2009


I got up this morning with a slight tonsils sensation. Feel kinda weird. Hmm, must be from those local fruits I had for the past weeks.

I was hoping not to get sick but as the day starts I keep on sneezing!
I've taken some precaution this morning to prevent the worst but I don't think it work! I'm having runny nose now. Huhu..:(

I hate to be sick. One thing good about sick is the leave from work! Hehe. But who would enjoy the leave if you can't even get up from bed? This is not happening...

Shoo, shoo! Go away sick!

::27 Questions::

Just filling my time now with these Q's before I go for a meeting...Hehe

1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? That mark from the last stupid zit!
2. How much cash do you have on you? Oh! plenty! :D
3. What's a word that rhymes with "DOOR?" DOOOO....(rk)!
4. Favorite planet? Planet Hollywood???
5. Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone? None.
6. What is your favorite ring on your phone? Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
7. What shirt are you wearing? Work dress
8. Do you "label" yourself? You mean like when I do this: i-hyper, i-clumsy, i-creative, i-blur, i-food lover, i-grumpy, i-naughty?
9. Name the brand of your shoes you're currently wearing? Crocs.
10. Bright or Dark Room? Hmm...A room for what??? Heheh!
11. What do you think about the person who took this survey before you? I don't care
12. What were you doing at midnight last night? Asleep or maybe I was having a dream.
13. Who did you last text today with? My BFF
14. What did your last text message you received on your cell say? "Hehe"
15. What's a word that you say a lot? "Huh?" (the blur way)
16.Who told you he/she loved you last? Himself! ;D
17. Last furry thing you touched? My cat
18. How many drugs have you done in the last three days? If you mean my work, well none! Yup, I'm growing spiderwebs inside my brain.
19. How many rolls of film do you need developed? Why do I need rolls when I have 4GB of memory card. ;)
20. Favorite age you have been so far? 21! (Forever 21!)
21. Your worst enemy? Don't have any, I only have grudge on some.
22. What is your current desktop picture? A personalized abstract
23. What was the last thing you said to someone? "Hmm..."
24. If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to fly what would it be? I'll have both! You said "IF".
26. Do you like someone? Hell yeah!
27. The last song you listened to?
The climb - Miley Cyrus

12 Oct 2009

::My next destination::

Here I come...! Wohoo!

This year I planned my next vacation to be in Hongkong and China. I'm so looking forward to go! Ah, finally, another stamps for my passport.

It's going to be my first time at both countries. I'm expecting it's gonna be fun and lots of things to see and buy and bargain when I'm there! Hehe. I'll be going in early December, just confirmed with the ticket today but I haven't applied my leave from work yet. (Will do it first thing tomorrow morning!)

Now I'm counting days and yes I should hold my excitement. Don't wanna be too excited before it happens.....But can't help it! Hehe. Any of you out there from Hongkong or China or have been to these countries, do let me know what to and not to expect from there. ;)

11 Oct 2009

::Let's count in English!::

I found this video by accident. This is so damn funny! A Japan based reality game show called "Don't laugh in classroom game" and of course the idea of this game is for you not to laugh otherwise you'll get smack on the ass as the punishment!

I wouldn't stand any chance to win in this game either! It was so funny, I cracked so hard watching this dude counting and can't help but laugh more seeing his face as he counts! Haha.
Just so you know, I asked my Japanese friend if it's ok to post it here, he said it's ok as he also found this very amusing! So there you go. Tell me what you think? Hehehe...

9 Oct 2009

Good day

Managed to get up pretty late today..
Done my chores...
Accomplished some errands...
Hang out with my cousins...
Nothing much to say...
It's all good...
Finally I'm relaxed...
Thank god...
It's Fri-yay!

8 Oct 2009

::I fight to the end::

First of all, this got nothing to do with my relationship or love life.
I was just annoyed with a fly! Second, I don't understand why a single fly always appear in my house! Third, it's so annoying when it reached its way to my room!

I don't like it when I spot some small insects crossing my room. I'll freak out. My room is meant to be free from all insects. My room is my heaven. I was enjoying my rest when I happened to hear the buzzing sound of a fly roaming around in my room late this evening.

WTF? It's sooo annoying when it buzzed on my face! (FYI, I did take my bath and it's everyday, so it's not the case of me smells funny that attracts it!) Annoyed, I tried to drive it away out of my room swat it with a small pillow. It didn't work. I don't have a fly swat in the house then I saw my badminton racket. I used it as a fly swat...

I was merely crazy trying to score! Ok, on the other hand I think it made a good practice of my badminton swings and skills! (I'm gonna have an intersection badminton tournament soon in November) Hehe...I know fighting with a fly is something like silly thing to do but in this case, considered I'm defending my territory. ..:)

Phew! I managed to knock it dead after several minutes. What a crime scene!

7 Oct 2009

::My favorite mini cars are the worst cars?::

The Smart car and Toyota Echo are some of my favorites mini cars that I was tempted to own before and to this date I still adore them.

I like cute mini cars and one of the reasons is it's easy to drive and convenient in term of parking space. The Smart car to me is something like a big toy because as far as I know, you can change the body to any other colors and it can be done in 4 hours! (So I've heard!) Cool!

I was so tempted to buy it few years back but I was already having the Volkswagen Beetle by then. Not to make myself disappointed to the max, I just bought the mini model of it and place it in my beetle until now. Hehe.

Then I had the craze of owning the Toyota Echo but I ended up buying the mini cooper instead. Hehe. Oh well! No, I didn't manage to get the mini model of Toyota Echo unfortunately. I was browsing to the net earlier when I found out these 2 cars are claimed to be the worst cars of 2000s by Yahoo! Auto. :( Oh no.....! Ok maybe they were right, considered these cars are for stingy people that don't wanna have many passengers to bunk in for a ride. Hehe...

But I'm not stingy type BUT still I don't wanna give away my beetle and mini cooper for free! Nyeh! I should have considered in owning and collecting some SUV cars in the future. Hmm...if I was to have some, I wanna go for the all the BMW SUVs, the Volvo XC90, Mazda CX7, and the Nissan Murano! Lovely!!! -- Ok, now I'm crazy!

::Beautiful Wednesday::

It s so nice this morning, I hate to get up and wanna continue but still I've to drag myself and to work while enjoying the beautiful rain. Great! Guess what?around. Yay! But I'm BORED, so here I am just - ing around with this entry..Hehe..

Oh! So Sleepy now!