17 Oct 2009

::Me and those trucks::

Miss grumpy on the road

One thing I never understood - What is it with me and trucks?!
It happens every time when I'm on the road! Whenever I seemed to be in a hurry or better yet, tries so hard to be at my desired destination on time, there is always truck to delay me!

Oh, I really hate when trucks are in front of me on the road. Too, I always hardly ever got the chance to overtake them! They are every where on the same route as mine. Garbage truck, trailer truck, flatbed truck, the pickup, concrete transport truck, log carrier truck - Arghh! And they are very slooowww! I'd be enjoying myself if the truck happens to be one of those transformers...

Am I jinx with trucks? Or maybe I'm just truly a truck-magnet??? Hmm....


walkw/me said...

I experienced that too, not only 1's but many times. It's like the time is against us sometimes.

Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving some words.

Have a great day ahead.

Didz-W said...

Hey, welcome to my club - the trucks-magnet club. Hehe..

Thanks walkw/me :)