4 Oct 2009

::GI Joe: The rise of cobra::

Ok, maybe I'm a bit late for this one...
I just watched the movie today and wow! Just like my BFF said, it is a super cool movie I ever enjoyed watching, with loads of action and super nice gadgets! Love it and when I watched it, It's like having these guys do live action in my room. Hehe. (I mean, with the home theater system plus the plasma flat screen tv) made my room almost like the cinema. Too bad I don't have popcorns!

I guess I'll never ever get bored watching this movie over and over and over again and I'm admiring all those cool toys they have. Ah, and Channing Tatum still hot and sexy! Hehe..

I also like this character; Snake and mostly his outfit....A cool outfit for such superhero! Yup, definitely way much more better than the Black Power Rangers! Haha. Absolutely a must see movie!

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