27 Oct 2009

::The curious case of my cat::

I have a cat that doesn't meow or purr. But she squeals like a sea lion, seriously! Hehe.

One time I tried to train her say meeee.....ooow. She stared at me as if I'm retarded. Ok, it didn't work!

Not even the vet got the answer why she can't meow.

So I'm petting 5 cats and 1 sea lion. Too bad she doesn't do acrobatic tricks. She would have been great for the local circus. Hehe.


beanizer_05 said...

hahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaahahahahahaahahhahahahhahahahahahahhaha!!!!....i imagine hw miu stares at u thinkin u'r a pretty retarded trainr vet!..gud thing she didnt "arf arf" u..
..hw bwt teacin her hw 2 tuko tuko tuko???...or yet,get her a lappy, she myt wnt 2 xpres her meow thru blogs :)

Didz-W said...

haha! that's not a bad idea bean! Hehe, she probably would start squealing and sniffing the lappy! Hehe I'm glad she doesn't bark Ort! Ort! just like sea lion also do! hehee...

ambiguous_angel said...

your cat is as blurr as the owner:0haha

Didz-W said...

@Angel: Haha! Hmm..I guess I'm contagious with the blur thing. Yup, if Midas made everything gold on the thing he touched, i made everything to be blurred! haha!

Mariel M said...

Love ur blog, Its sooo.....happy! :]
I love it when people talk about things they do every day.

Ha ha ha , would you have preferred your cat say: "mommy...." ? Saw that in a video once, it was pretty cute :)


Didz-W said...

Thanks for dropping by! ;) I will run scare to death when my cat says mommy! hehe.. Hearing her squeaks is pretty cute too!