4 Oct 2009

::My Sunday::

Wohoo! It's Sunday!

Sunday: Literally means the 'day of the sun' and considered as non working day and here in our country defined as the seventh day of the week and as of the weekend.

What is Sunday to you?

Personally Sundays are the days I can't wait to have. Who doesn't, right? :) It's the day I do less chores and simply have good times with myself or the 3F's (Fiance, Family & Friends) or my BFF.

Today, I have the most relaxing Sunday...(so far). Hehe. I managed to get up late. Ok, not really. So is to speak/type. I actually got up as early as 5 am, but I went back to bed and got up at 10 am. Yay me! Hehe. I went for a free lunch at my friend's house together with my fiance. That was an invitation. Then went back home just played lazy watching some movies and late in the afternoon my friend came to see me. Btw, we are still in the month of the Eid celebration so it's still normal friends come to visit you. I had pretty good times talking to my friend and wow, we merely spent almost 2 hours talking non stop! Hehe! That wasn't so bad considering we hardly see each other now and well you know...typical girls! We could have made something like the Oprah show back there!

My beautiful Sunday indeed! Nothing to stress about. Thank god. :)


ambiguous_angel said...


thats to your bff,
if not for him,
we wont meet a nice lady like you:)

keep it coming coz we're enjoying it..

beanizer_05 said...

..hmmm..yes..she's ryt..
tnx iantie!!!

Didz-W said...

Hey, thanks guys! Well, if it's not for them and if it's not for both of you, Angel and Beanizer...I won't be meeting the nice side of me too. Ahahaha..! Hmm, I'm not making any sense now. (considered that's because I'm having a tummy ache right now.) hehe..Maraming salamat haa...u guys are great friends :D

Didz-W said...

Ermm...guys....aren't those comments u guys put supposed to be for my 100th posts up there? Hehehe...Confused lang ako.

beanizer_05 said...

..sori..juz follwd angel..got confused of her wings...
p-burger ka naman!