13 Oct 2009


I got up this morning with a slight tonsils sensation. Feel kinda weird. Hmm, must be from those local fruits I had for the past weeks.

I was hoping not to get sick but as the day starts I keep on sneezing!
I've taken some precaution this morning to prevent the worst but I don't think it work! I'm having runny nose now. Huhu..:(

I hate to be sick. One thing good about sick is the leave from work! Hehe. But who would enjoy the leave if you can't even get up from bed? This is not happening...

Shoo, shoo! Go away sick!


ambiguous_angel said...

that's awful..

get well soon did'z!

and drink a lot of water:)
it will help:)

iantie said...

bah, go and get an MC, we can watch a movie together...haha!

tke k m8! sleep and rest!

beanizer_05 said...

..d i-hyper turnd into i-sickly????
..angel's ryt,drink a lot of H2O..and hav ENOUUGH rest!!..hav erlier swtdwimz..
Get well NOW!

Didz-W said...

Thanks guys :)

To Angel, ok will take your advice you bloggin nurse! Hehe. Thanks!

To my m8, wont make it MC today m8, kinda late already. I'll let u know if I finally got the MC ok? Haha.

To Beanizer, not i-sickly. more like i-snooty! Ahahaha! Thanks for the advice, will do when I got home later.

Ken said...

Oh,poor u :(
You should have medications and then sleep. Hope you can be cured to keep writing blog :))

Didz-W said...

Thanks Ken :) Yea I do hope I'll be alive and kicking soon! Really hate to be sick...:(