7 Oct 2009

::My favorite mini cars are the worst cars?::

The Smart car and Toyota Echo are some of my favorites mini cars that I was tempted to own before and to this date I still adore them.

I like cute mini cars and one of the reasons is it's easy to drive and convenient in term of parking space. The Smart car to me is something like a big toy because as far as I know, you can change the body to any other colors and it can be done in 4 hours! (So I've heard!) Cool!

I was so tempted to buy it few years back but I was already having the Volkswagen Beetle by then. Not to make myself disappointed to the max, I just bought the mini model of it and place it in my beetle until now. Hehe.

Then I had the craze of owning the Toyota Echo but I ended up buying the mini cooper instead. Hehe. Oh well! No, I didn't manage to get the mini model of Toyota Echo unfortunately. I was browsing to the net earlier when I found out these 2 cars are claimed to be the worst cars of 2000s by Yahoo! Auto. :( Oh no.....! Ok maybe they were right, considered these cars are for stingy people that don't wanna have many passengers to bunk in for a ride. Hehe...

But I'm not stingy type BUT still I don't wanna give away my beetle and mini cooper for free! Nyeh! I should have considered in owning and collecting some SUV cars in the future. Hmm...if I was to have some, I wanna go for the all the BMW SUVs, the Volvo XC90, Mazda CX7, and the Nissan Murano! Lovely!!! -- Ok, now I'm crazy!


Hayden said...

I own Nissan Dualis (also called as Qashqai in some countries) which looks quite similar to Nissan Murano.

I like beetle. But SUV cars are good, too! Once behind the wheel, you can look down everything from the higher place and it will give you a different perspective :)

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iantie said...

hey m8!
is it echo o yaris you want to buy back then? i thought it's yaris! hehe

iantie said...

I only saw 1 NIssan Dualis here in Brunei, imported all the way from Japan. Second hand but very goodlooking for a car...I envy you ;)

M a big fan of SUV!

Hayden said...

hehe:) I'm glad to hear that as an Dualis owner.

SUV cars are becoming popular here in Japan too!

Didz-W said...

Hayden, just so u know..my bff here is really a super duper trooper big fan of SUV more than I do! Hehe..I only fancy some but she fancy every SUVs! hehe right m8?

and to my m8, haha it was both actually, the echo and yaris! but the echo came 1st, yaris later. hehehe..

and guys, (Hayden & m8)..I havent actually seen the Dualis..I dont have a SUV RADAR like u m8. hehe..I'll google it later. And Hayden..wow! u sure are a proud owner of a SUV! can we have a ride if we ever stepped our feet to Japan? hehe..:)

iantie said...

U know, m an 'addict' when it comes to SUVs and among other things..hehe!

Japan? Both of us?? W-O-W!!! I would love that! But....*counting my money* maybe in few years time..haha!

Goggle it m8, u would love it! I love the Murano but when I saw the Dualis, Murano dropped to 2nd! Haha...for Nissan SUV's that is.

Didz-W said...

Hehe, m8, u were right! Dualis is pretty good looking for a car! But I'd still prefer the Murano! Hehe

On god's willing, we finally we'll be in Japan 1 day m8! And oh, yes - we gonna have to accumulate lots and lots of $$$ to go there! Unless Hayden wanna sponsor us..hehe what do u say Hayden? :)

m8, Cambodia 1st, the Japan can come after that, deal? hehee...

iantie said...

haha m8!
u know my first and foremost destination ;) yup, for me, definitly cambodia first then after that, i don't mind going anywhere else ;)

Hayden said...

You guys are welcomed as long as you come along with plenty of money hehe:)

Seriously it is really nice place and I want everybody to come visit Japan!
Didz, remember I told you 9 out of 10 Japanese can't speak English at all?
But people here are so kind and honesty and try to comunicate with gestures or by writings, no matter what it takes.
I believe you guys can really enjoy the stay!!

Probably the best way to accumulate lots of $ is to sell your car hehe :D

Didz-W said...

Hahaha! That's NOT gonna happen Hayden! Selling my car? - Nooooooo!!! Hehhe...but yea, Japan is now in the list of our vacation. ;)
I know that I don't have to count like that dude when I got there...ten-ten-one...hehe
Thanks Hayden!