17 Oct 2009

::Lovely Saturday::

Ok! Obviously I'm no longer grumpy. I'm still on my sick leave today and I should continue my rest but today I'm invited to my former work place for the Eid celebration. It's a beautiful Saturday morning that it rains so nice, I'm thankful for that.

It's great to be back and visit all the ex'es (ex-boss, ex-colleagues, ex-having grudge on, hehe) I think I haven't dropped by visiting them quite a long time so in a way I really miss them. I guess they missed me that much too! Hehe! Some says I'm getting chubby while other thinks I'm putting down some weight! Haha so many thoughts there but it's all good, I can't be bothered that much. They know that I'm very jolly!

I didn't really eat that much (Surprise!) instead I'm enjoying the day catching up with my friends with the latest juicy stories and updates. Hehe. If I listed it down, yup a very long list indeed! Anyway, I took the chance to check out what's new inside the Microbiology lab where I used to work for 4 hectic years. I was amazed to check out some of my hard works are still there, still posted up on the white board as their routine references. I was even surprised to know they still use some of my pens that I left behind when I left the lab almost 3 years ago! Hehe. Even shocked when those pens are not yet running out of inks! Haha! But I feel very-very-very honored! They remember me in so many ways (good, bad, good and bad, good...good...more good ways!)
Aah, it brings back the memories of working there...Hmm

I really like my old job as doing the foods QC (that's why I love foods so much!) The reason why I left is because I got a better position and offered somewhere else. Now I'm doing the Drug QC, Hehe. Well ok, at least I'm still in the Quality Control World!

It's one of my good Saturdays today, actually a great one. :)

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