21 Oct 2009

::FTO Log # 020::

The Thai Food Restaurant

Today I went out for lunch with my BFF to celebrate her 28th birthday. Seriously, I was running out of ideas where to take her for lunch. I mean we've been to many cafes and restaurants throughout the years - the coolest cafes, the bloody expensive restaurants, the budget cafes, the worst cafes, the nicest cafes...but we don't have any specific cafe or restaurant to be of our favorite.

Finally some colleagues of mine suggested one particular place just 20 minutes drive from our work place in town. I know my BFF loves the Tomyam (Thai specialty dish) so we finally found the place. It's pretty cool to know how they serve you with the heart shaped rice. That's something new for her birthday this year. :) Thank god it's not red, otherwise I'll give it a second thought to eat it! Hehe.

Anyway, I'm not really a big fan of the Tomyam. It's too spicy and sometimes hot but I'm willing to try any kind after all that's part of my job as the FTO. :) I was surprised this Thai restaurant serves the most delicious Tomyam...so far. I took few sips and started to like it. It's not too spicy but it's quite concentrated for a soup. For once, I enjoyed having the Tomyam. Too bad I was kinda full when we got there. Big mistake - I shouldn't have had such a heavy tea break earlier that morning! Haha! Now for sure this Thai Food restaurant will be in my nice restaurants list. I'll bring my fiance there and see what he has to say about that heart shaped rice. Hehe..

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